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LONE STAR FLIGHT MUSEUM: Art of Persuasion exhibit opening June 19


Opening Friday, June 19, a 20-piece private collection of WWII original posters on display throughout the LONE STAR FLIGHT MUSEUM's Waltrip Hangar.

Made possible by collector and LSFM Volunteer, Tim Hahn, this display gives a glimpse into the climate of the nation during WWII and how the power of persuasion and propaganda messaging was used on the home front and on the front lines.

This exhibit is part of The Lone Star Flight Museum’s larger, originally curated exhibit called, “Fight to the Finish, 1945: The Final Year” celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and likely the last milestone for most of those that served in uniform.

Museum President and CEO Douglas H. Owens, Lt. Gen. (ret.) said, “The Fight to the Finish program was intended to honor and acknowledging the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. We feel this exhibit does just that. It includes artifacts and history that should never be forgotten. Many of the objects were donated to the museum by area residents and on loan by others. We are very proud of this project and invite everyone to experience the Fight to the Finish exhibit.” 

He added, “In addition to the exhibit, the ‘Art of Persuasion’ poster exhibition is truly a unique opportunity for visitors to see original WWII poster art, some of which have been restored back to their original vibrancy. These posters are absolutely incredible and take you back to the home front during wartime, and the campaign to not only garner support from the American people, but also encourage them in their efforts.”

This exhibit is included in your general admission and free for museum members. Social distancing guidelines and special offers are being provided. Visit for details.

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