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GCPH Episode 81: RE-OPENING TEXAS with US Air Force (Retired) Lieutenant General Douglas H. Owens of the Lone Star Flight Museum

May 22, 2020 06:18PM ● By John Ennis

SCENE publisher John Ennis and his Galactic Coast ‘brother in brew’ Mighty Mike Taylor caught up with US Air Force (Retired) Lieutenant General and Lone Star Flight Museum CEO Douglas H. Owens on a Zoom-powered, beer-fueled Galactic Coast Power Hour to discuss this Memorial Day Weekend’s re-opening of the 130,000 sq. ft. attraction / E-STEM learning facility, the wildly-successful Fight To The Finish Flyover earlier this month commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day (WWII Victory in Europe Day) and all that is upcoming at the museum including special events planned to commemorate the approaching 75th anniversary of VJ Day (WWII Victory over Japan Day) and much, much more!  

Other topics discussed included next week’s highly anticipated manned Space X Dragon Rocket Launch (SpaceX Demo-2 test flight) with local residents Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken aboard. 

Scheduled for next Wednesday (May 27) from the historic Launch Complex 39A (Apollo 11, STS-1, etc.), this first manned Commercial Crew Program launch will be the first time American Astronauts have launched from American soil on an American rocket in almost 9 years and just the fifth time in American history to launch Astronauts into space onboard on a new vehicle. 

The show also covered brewery re-openings and the return of the local live music SCENE including the shows this weekend at T-bone Tom’s, Jackie’s Brickhouse, Katie’s Bar, Barge 295 (the Yard at Barge 295), Bonez Draught House and Cabo with special attention towards the re-opening of Scout Bar with two special limited ticket shows this weekend (The Dope Show and Spazmatics). Enjoy!! 

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