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What you need to know about The Flowerettes

Mar 03, 2020 12:20AM ● By John Ennis

In late 2019, SCENE music columnist Andy Eng described the Flowerettes, an all-ladies lineup of Britney Doyal (lead vocals & guitar), Krista Martin (bass & vocals), Esther Conolly (keys & vocals) and Mona Lawrence (drums & vocals), as “delightful, refreshing, and easy on the ears” and on his “watch list” as a band he’ll “be looking forward to following up with in 2020.” 

So we decided to get to know these ladies a little better. 

How did the Flowerettes first form? 

Britney Doyal: “The Flowerettes first formed last year debuting at the Drunken Monkeyz in Galveston for Saint Patrick’s Day. At the time we were only a trio. We found our drummer Mona a few months later. I had been performing for some years in the local scene as a solo artist and jamming at every open mic I could get to. I had met Krista, who at the time was working at NRG stadium as an audio and visual tech. She told me she had gone to school in Florida for sound, and I told her to go buy a bass! She then did, and the two of started jamming right away. Couple months later while I was gigging at The Davenport Lounge, here walks in this beautiful blonde girl. I had known her boyfriend, Scott Easterwood, as a local musician.  But I had never met her. From the moment we met, I asked her ‘Do you play any instruments?’  She said a little piano, then I returned with ‘Wanna join an all-girl band?’  She asked what’s the name?  I replied ‘Flowerettes,’ and I remember by her face she dug it. At the end of the evening, I gave her my only crinkled up business card that had been sitting at the bottom on my purse, and since then she’s been part of the band. Though, she claimed she wasn't in the band for the first few months, I kept telling her, ‘Yes you are!’”

Were did the name Flowerettes come from? 

Britney Doyal: “The name actually came to me in a dream! I had been searching for a good name, and I woke up thinking...Wow! There it is! FLOWERETTES.”

Do you have a favorite song you’ve written and performed? 

Britney Doyal: “I have written nearly all the songs for us so far, although I’m always pushing the girls to help with lyrics and such. My favorite tunes that we do are “Rambling Woman” because of the fun intro. I like “Tied One On” because its a story of hanging in Galveston with all our musician friends. My absolute favorite we do as a group is called “Don't You Know” as I sing the lead parts to a grooving almost Motown-sounding, slow song the girls come in with these oooos and ahhs that I just can’t get enough. Haha! We are striving to be an original music band, but we like to throw in fun covers from the Rolling Stones to R. Kelly for those four-hour gigs.

What is next for the Flowerettes? 

Britney Doyal: “Upcoming we are performing at Discovery Green for the Earth day celebration on April 19! This is a big one for us and are looking forward to it soooo much.” 

Tell us about your favorite performance venues. 

Esther Conolly: “We’ve been blessed to play some super exciting places so far in our short time on stages at House of Blues and White Oak in downtown Houston. Like Britney said, next big fun stage coming up is Discovery Green where with the help of our buddy Jeremy Rojas from SugarHill Recording Studio. We are literally going to wheel down a real piano for me to play there! The Galveston Railroad Museum was super cool! When I found out we were going to play that stage, I was the last to find out. We were in Galveston one night and were way down the street when the girls told me.  I cried. I was so happy.  The acoustics in that building were awesome as were the ghosts... They let me know they were there at the end of the night when my mic stand crazily fell over and broke.”

Krista Martin: “So far my favorite venue we’ve played would have to be The White Oak Music Hall or the Galveston Railroad Museum. They’re all fun! Also, I am very excited about our Discovery Green show coming up in April, it’s going to be different for sure.”

What first got you into music and performing?  

Krista Martin: “I’ve been playing guitar on and off since I was about 13 or 14. Dabbling into other instruments along the way like keyboards, drums and any other instruments I came across, so my transition into playing the bass has been relatively smooth and lots of fun. But I had never really performed on a stage or in public like we’re doing now. It’s pretty new to me, and I’m loving it! I love playing music with these ladies.”

Esther Conolly: “I’ve always been into music and have been playing the piano for most of my life... I am a year away from a degree in Music. I never finished because I was done with all my dental classes and just wanted to get out and work.  I didn’t start performing until I met my boyfriend Scott Easterwood who is also a performing musician.  He had me playing the piano for him at shows early in our relationship.  Like Britney said, I was reluctant to say I was in the band at first because I had so many other things going on. But then they grew on me, and now I consider them family, too.”

Which living musician are you inspired by?

Mona Lawrence: “I would have to say Beyonce, Lizzo and Willie Nelson. Because of their work ethic, sense of self and Willie is so chill. Haha!”

Which living musician are you inspired by or would you most like to collaborate with?

Mona Lawrence: “The musician I would like to collaborate most is Lenny Kravtitz. He is my spirit animal.”

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why? 

Mona Lawrence: “My favorite part of being a musician is meeting new people. I've met some amazing talents and fans. It's fun. My least favorite is carrying those damn drums! Haha! (Roadies are so unappreciated!)”

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