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Featured Commercial Brewer: Kristen Messina of Galveston Bay Beer Company

Favorite Texas brewed beer?  Texas is a big state with a lot of beers. Right now I'd say Jester King, B-52, and Martin House are all making some of my favorite beers.

Favorite non-Texas brewed beer? Everything from Ninkasi Brewing. Really wish they had distribution here in Texas.

Your favorite beer to brew and/or your favorite beer that you brew? That's a tough one and the answer changes every week. We're constantly making new beers so it's hard to stay loyal to just one.

What beer styles or classifications do you feel could possibly be overlooked by local beer enthusiasts? Traditional English ales. Super simple but delicious and malty.

Describe a Bucket List setting or event where you hope to enjoy a beer one-day? Belgium. I'd love to take a trip to all the lambic breweries.

Describe your favorite setting or event which you have enjoyed a beer?  Camping or floating the river. 

The last and/or most interesting job you held before becoming a professional brewer. I worked in the horticulture/cannabis industry in California and Oregon. 

Words of advice to anyone hoping to turn their passion of brewing and beer into a career.  Hope you like cleaning. Never give up. Never stop expanding your knowledge. 

The state of the Texas craft beer scene is… Getting bigger and better every year.

Favorite perk of working in a brewery is...  Obviously, drinking the beer! 

Least favorite aspect of working in a brewery is... Keg cleaning! It's the most monotonous work I've ever done. 

If you had to start working in one other brewery starting tomorrow which brewery would it be and why? I would actually like to start working in a meadery. There's not many of them around though so until people start drinking more mead I'll make beer. Eventually I would like to own my own place. 
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