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Featured Bartender: Ciara from Caps & Corks at Baybrook Mall (Food Court)

How long have you been a bartender + How long at Caps & Corks:  I have been a bartender for about 8 years now and been working here for 4
What do you love about working at Caps & Corks? I love all the regulars I have known an enjoyed these 4 years... and I especially love all the families and how fun it is watching the kids change throughout the years. I love just being able to be myself having fun while I work! 
Your favorite day of the week to work at Caps & Corks & why? Saturday is by far my favorite because it’s not only one of the busiest days for us, but we also get to meet a lot of new people! They find out that we are there and I love how excited they get about drinking and shopping in the mall! 
Top 3 drinks you recommend to customers at Caps & Corks? Rum punch, Michelda and Shopaholic 

Do you have a signature drink? The Party Starter is something I made up like a strawberry screwdriver and has been a big hit. I didn’t think it would be as popular as it is, which made me super excited and makes me proud. It was something I played around with that we ended up adding to the menu.
Are there any new drinks or promotions you're excited about? We make new drinks for almost every holiday. I find that exciting! One in particular is Addie’s Sundaze – the mango flavor sets the whole drink off! I also love informing everyone about signing up for our point system and how they can receive rewards.
What is one thing you tell people that they are surprised to know about Caps & Corks? That we have been in the mall for 6 years, and, Yes! You can shop around the mall with your drink!

What do you do when not at work? Enjoy being a mom to my beautiful daughter!
The most rewarding part of your job? Talking to someone an making their day! There have been plenty of times I’ve had people come to me with their problems, and before they leave, they thank me for listening and giving advice! 
What is your favorite thing about February? My favorite thing about February is seeing  all pretty pink and red clothing I get shop for! And helping all the loved ones stopping by trying to figure out what to get their significant others 
6 words that describe you:
Loving, Joyful, Outgoing, Caring, Compassionate & Ambitious 

Ciara from Caps & Corks
500 Baybrook Mall (Food Court)
Friendswood, Texas 77546

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