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Featured Chef: Scott Sexton


Scotty’s Pub: 10943 Scarsdale Blvd., Houston 

Scotty’s Pub On The Bay: 3202 Marina Bay Dr., Kemah 

Kitchen @ Texas Beer Refinery: 2709 Dickinson Ave., Dickinson  

Making Music In The Kitchen:  

Chef Scott Sexton earned a music degree prior to attending culinary school in 2008. But this Level 2 Sommelier decided to pursue the additional degree after a management position he had held ended. He figured it would bolster his resume and he had the time. Sexton’s father and business partner joined him in the educational pursuit at Houston Community College. Sexton said, “I have since returned to HCC to teach classes as well. I work with one of my mentors that actually taught me, and I find it very rewarding to help shape future chefs.” He is currently living in Galveston cooking up future ventures: “I am considering other bars, coffee shops, diners, a soul food restaurant and possibly more Scotty’s Pubs on the horizon.” In his spare time, Sexton is currently working on a level 2 cicerone certification as well. “It’s so very exciting to be doing what we love with so many great people. The future holds so many possibilities!” Sexton said. When asked about the combination of the music and culinary arts degrees, Sexton, in his typical laid back demeanor, said, “All it takes is a wooden spoon and a wine glass to literally make beautiful music in the kitchen.”


In The Kitchen At Scotty’s Pub: 

Scotty’s Pubs’ kitchens are known for their pork belly tacos, smoked duck breast BLT and a fun mix of Asian, Tex-Mex and Irish pub food all mixed together. “We are not re-inventing the wheel,” said Sexton. “But we do like to deconstruct classic menu items and make them better.” For example, he will take a child-hood favorite like a grilled cheese sandwich and create a ‘Grown Up Grilled Cheese.’ This version has bacon, American, Gruyere and brie cheeses, apple slices and apricot preserves served on buttery Texas toast. Or rather than just a pulled pork sandwich, Sexton and crew can whip up an original sandwich called “3 Little Pigs.” It has pulled pork, but also includes house made Tasso ham, bacon, gruyere and American cheeses, caramelized onions and a pineapple maple mustard on a ciabatta bun. The fun Disco Fries are tossed in garlic, Parmesan cheese, and truffle oil then topped with awesome sauce and a fried egg. Each of Scotty’s locations have their own menus with standouts. The Kemah location boasts avocado fries, Korean BBQ tacos and duck wings being the top-rated. “This past year, we also opened the kitchen at Texas Beer Refinery and took our unique approach to food. We just added beer to everything. We love it there. Cooking with Bill Arning’s beer has unlocked so many fun things for us. The beer is fantastic, and we put it in almost everything,” Sexton said. 


(1) Buy a good knife and learn how to use it. Prep time could be daunting and take a long time unless you know what you are doing. (2) Leave your food alone. Let it sear until it has developed all of the flavor it can. When you sweat your veggies leave them be and don’t keep messing with them so they can give their all. Cooking is mastering time, temperature and technique. (3) I say get a cookbook that you like and work your way through it. Have your family help. It is easy even for me at times to get in a rut and cook the same things. Plan a new recipe every week with a cookbook you like. This will expand your palate, technique and pantry. I personally love America’s Test Kitchens Cookbook. A lot of science goes into it, and it will make you look like a pro. It even talks about the best gadgets and tools to get. It is on my kitchen table right now.” 

Favorite Thing To Cook At Home:  

“A hearty Italian sausage and kale soup is a family favorite. Anything in a single pot. Nothing says love like making lots of dishes for people to enjoy, plus you are able to use leftover ingredients in your fridge and not waste. Sitting on the couch with family, watching something with a big bowl of hot soup makes everyone happy.”

Tell Us About One Signature Dish: 

“Pork belly tacos that we cure inhouse for 10 days. It’s the perfect food. It’s soft, crunchy, cold and hot, salty and savory, creamy and fresh. It’s one of my favorite things to eat.” SPECiAl PROMOTiONS: Be sure to check out Chef Scotty’s delicious food concoctions at his two locations (Scarsdale or Marina Bay Drive) or at the recently opened kitchen at Texas Beer Refinery (2709 Dickinson Ave in Dickinson). Experience even more flavors on the weekends from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. during brunch hours with tasty food and drink specials.  

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