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Featured Bartender – Nelly - Monkey Bar, Kemah

How long have you been a bartender + how long at Monkey Bar: 10 years; 5 at Monkey 

What do you love about working at Monkey Bar?    The loyal customers who have over the years become friends that I wouldn't trade for the world. 

Your favorite day of the week to work at Monkey Bar & why? Sunday! Warm, summer months bring in the tourists waiting out traffic football season brings in all the sports fans! #GoTexans 

Top 2 drinks you recommend to customers at Monkey Bar? Our ever-changing local craft beers we keep on tap and the different infused vodkas we offer. 

What do you do when not at work?  I love going to any sporting event, and I always am a "YES!" for a beach day! 

What is your favorite thing about New Year?  Being able to put the past in the past and trying to focus on a way to better your life 

Favorite thing about the Bay Area? The fact that we are spoiled! 30 minutes from downtown and 30 minutes from Galveston Island. That's the life!! 

 Best tip you ever got:  A few years ago, we had a beer promo and they raffled off 1st row tickets to the Christmas Texans game. Some amazing regulars won and gave the tickets to me as a tip! 

 What do you love about Bartending?  The schedule!! I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! Being able to have a somewhat flexible schedule is such a bonus! 

 Goals and/or aspirations:  Yes ... my goal is to open a dog rescue and being a bartender at monkey is a great networking system. Being able to meet locals that may be able to spread the word is extremely helpful.   

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