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Featured Bartender: Lauren from Opus Bistro and Steakhouse

Sep 09, 2019 05:25PM ● By John Ennis
How long have you been a bartender + How long at Opus Bistro: I have been a bartender off and on for 10 years, and I have been with Opus for a little over a year now. I started at Opus Ocean Grille, then helped open Opus Bistro and Steakhouse!

What do you love about working at Opus Bistro?  The thing I love most about working at Opus is the awesome people I get to work with! Our owner Charlie is one of the best bosses I have ever had and our management and staff are like my family! 

Top 3 drinks you recommend to customers at Opus Bistro?  My favorite drinks on our drink menu are probably our Deep Eddy Strawberry Lemonade, our Blackberry Gin Fizz, and the Double Espresso Martini! 

Top 3 dishes you recommend to customers at Opus Bistro?  My top dishes that I love at Opus have to be the 12-ounce bone-in filet because it has so much flavor, the salmon and our off-the-menu peanut butter and jelly cheese cake! It’s a peanut butter cheesecake with peanut crumbles and a port berry wine sauce!

Do you have a signature drink?  My signature drink would have to be the Reese’s Chocolate Martini with a chocolate truffle at the bottom!

Are there any new drinks or promotions you’re excited about?  We have a new drink coming out in a couple weeks that is a peanut butter bourbon and jelly martini and if your not into sweet drinks, the peanut butter bourbon is delicious by itself on the rocks, too!

What do you do when not at work?  When I’m not at work I’m a full-time single mama. We do Boy Scouts, baseball, swimming and go to church on Sundays. If I get a night to myself, my favorite things to do are going to Astros games or go country dancing!

Best tip you ever got:  Once, while working at a Kemah restaurant, I received a $600 tip on a $50 tab. It had me in tears.

What do you love about Bartending?  I love bartending especially at Opus because we have so many regulars, and they all become like family! It’s been fun getting to know all the boaters in the marina, out-of-towners and loyal Opus regulars! Bartending is a job where I can just be myself and have a good time while getting to know great new people!

What motivates you?  My motivation is my babies I have a 2-, 4-, and 6-year old, and they are the loves of my life! There is nothing more important to me than our little crazy family!