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Michiru Sushi Celebrates 10 Years of Serving Modern Asian Cuisine

During the past decade, Michiru Sushi (20911 Gulf Freeway in Webster) has been taking the Asian fusion concept beyond the typical East-meets-West mash-up of Japanese and Western influenced cuisine – broadening their scope to include ingredients not only from Japan, but also from Italy, France, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and other parts of the globe. But their evolution of fusion doesn’t stop there. Inside the restaurant, the modern Asian décor is seamlessly blended with a warm and inviting atmosphere, with soft rock music playing softly in the background, creating an ambience that is both modern and comfortable.

“At Michiru, it is all about the customer experience,” said General Manager David Zinn (one of several employees who have been working at Michiru since the day it opened). “We focus on offering excellent customer service while maintaining the highest quality standards and we are constantly trying to come up with new and innovative dishes, so that even our most loyal customers, who visit the restaurant more than once a week can have a different experience.” In keeping with this customer-centric approach, Michiru uses their anniversary as an opportunity to show their customer appreciation. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary (Sunday, August 25) by rewarding their guests with $25 gift cards for every $50 they spend (no limit) from noon to 10 p.m. This much-anticipated annual event has become quite popular with their loyal fans.

Because of their high-quality standards, Michiru’s sushi chefs use only the freshest ingredients and sushi-grade quality fish in their culinary creations. And becoming a sushi chef at Michiru is no small accomplishment. The owner (Andy Zhuo) meticulously chooses aspiring sushi chefs with the most impressive resumes and invites them to come in for an interview. They are told to bring their knives and basically audition for the position. Once they pass the rigorous screening, these sushi chefs are responsible for not only serving the dishes listed on Michiru’s expansive menu, but they also create the items on the special menu that changes two to three times per week. 

The chefs strive to create innovative, unique and exciting dishes that sometimes look more like art than food. (Foodies: Take note!) Not surprisingly, the Chef’s Choice sushi and sashimi entrees are customer favorites, and they always include tuna, yellowtail, salmon and items made with what they have available that came in fresh that day. 

Some creative menu items include the Tuna Pizza (yellowfin tuna or salmon with homemade crispy crust, sea salt, olive oil and truffle ponzu sauce), Kanpachi Serrano appetizer, which looks like a lotus flower (a daikon radish surrounded by slices of Kanpachi topped with serrano peppers, lemongrass oil and Asian chili drops) and the G-6 Roll (spicy albacore, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, kanpachi, escolar cucumber, avocado, black garlic aioli, garlic chip and spicy ponzu sauce). They are currently working on a green tea smoked salmon dish and have been testing a variety of flavored teas to use. Some of the items created for the special menu become so popular, they make it onto the main menu. In fact, Zinn said, “About 60 percent of the items on our main menu were created as specials and eventually added to the menu by popular demand.”

Michiru also takes their Sake seriously. Boasting the largest selection of Sakes in the area, Zinn said, “I am most proud of our sake selections. We started with only 10 and our Sake menu has almost quadrupled as we increased our knowledge about the many varieties of Sakes on the market today.” Because there are so many options to choose from, Michiru offers Sake flights every Wednesday. Guests can select three Sakes at a time and find out which is their favorite(s). Wednesday’s Sake Night promotion also includes specials on large hot Sake ($5) and cold Sake ($4) and $6 Sake cocktails, like the Sake Sunrise. 

Offering their guests exceptional value is also a big part of their customer-centric philosophy. Weekly specials include discounts on the chosen signature appetizer, signature drink and signature roll of the week. And lunch specials are offered Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Insider Tip: Michiru offers a generous rewards program in which customers receive $25 gift cards for every 200 points they earn ($1 equals one point). They are honoring the rewards program points during their anniversary, so if you aren’t a member yet, make sure to visit Michiru before the anniversary celebration to reap the most rewards and receive an even greater value on Sunday, August 25.