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Paradise Tropical Wines relocates to historic building in Kemah Lighthouse District

Nov 12, 2018 05:21PM ● By John Ennis
Nestled in a major hotspot in Kemah in a historic yellow house, there’s a one-of-a-kind gem that offers more than meets the eye. A large covered porch welcomes guests and offers an abundance of unique experiences.

Paradise Tropical Wines is a boutique wine shop and tasting room that offers fruit wines from Florida. These beverages can NOT be found anywhere else in Texas! They recently moved to their NEW location at 603 Bradford Ave. in Kemah, in an effort to offer its customers an even better encounter for beverage tasting and entertainment. The local beverage haven is now featuring Ballast Point BEER as well! Ballast Point beer is based out of San Diego, California. PTW offers six beers on tap and 10-plus bottled beers for guests to enjoy. 

“Everyone receives four complimentary tastings. We carry a full range of Ballast Point beers, and no one else in the Houston area carries more than us,” owner Michele Cisneros said. “We have IPAs, light lagers to more hoppy beers and stouts.”

These beers range in a variety of styles while some are offered year round and others are more seasonal. Longfin Lager, a classic German style beer is, one of the beers that PTW carries on tap, for example. As a special treat, beer lovers can purchase a mystery bucket of beer to try multiple varieties.

“It’s something fun! You don’t know what you’re getting,” Michele said.

Kat Clemons, a local business professional and beer lover, recently visited the new Paradise Tropical Wines location and invited friends to join her.

“I’m a huge fan! Not only do they now serve some amazing beers, but they have a fun place to come on a date night or with a group of friends,” she said.

Although the business has now been in operation for two years in Kemah, they have a revamped location that allows guests to stay and relax a little longer. The new location is the “little yellow house” situated between Toucan Alley and Skallywag on Bradford in Kemah.

There are now outside seating areas in the front and rear of the building.

In the back of the new location, patio tables and outdoor games are available for guests to enjoy.
“We have corn hole, washers and giant Jenga,” she said. “It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the nice weather.”

For those who love both beer and wine, Paradise Tropical Wines allows for a mix of tastings of beer, wine and wine smoothies.

“You may not know what you want or like, and we allow you to experience wine and craft beer in a judgment-free environment,” Michele said. “Drinking wine (or beer) should be fun!”

Prior to Michele and her husband Sal opening Paradise Tropical Wines, they had tasted the unique blended wine and fell in love with it when they first tasted it, Michele said.  

“Within 48 hours of trying it, we knew this was something we had to bring back to Texas,” she said.

PTW exclusively offers fruit wine created at the Florida Orange Groves Winery in St. Petersburg, Florida. The wines are made with 100% pure tropical fruit and none of the wines contain grapes or grape blends.

“There are 4 to 9 pounds of fruit per bottle,” Michele said.

The Florida winery uses a special fermentation, aging and bottling process and each wine tastes like the juice it is made from. All of the fruit wines are also free of tannins and gluten and there is no added sugar or sulfites. Tannins are derived from the skins, stems and seeds from the grapes used to produce the wine.

The natural quality of the wine was an ultimate attraction to the wine, Michele said. She explained she is allergic to tannins and cannot consume regular wines. Traditional red wines are in contact with the grape for a longer period of time, which is why they tend to have higher tannins.

“Sal didn’t even like wine, but he loves this wine! We really do have something for everyone here,” Michelle said. “99 percent of people who try it, love it. It’s unique.”

Paradise Tropical Wines is open Sunday through Thursday from noon to 6 p.m. and from noon to 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. This tasting room and boutique offers private party opportunities after the regular business hours for groups of 8 to 20 people. The cost is $20 per person and includes four half glasses of wine or a mixture of beer, wine and wine smoothies.

PTW’s boutique offers thoughtful gift options for drink lovers as well. They carry Vivajennz Wine Purses and totes, SWIG shatterproof glassware, coastal cork cages, Lolita hand-painted wine glasses and custom-made gift baskets. As an added bonus, guests can take their beer or wine drinks to go while perusing other local businesses nearby.

“We have loved being a part of the Kemah Lighthouse District. As a local business, we fit in well with the casual water-front crowds,” Michele said. “We encourage everyone to come by for a fun and unique experience! Welcome to Paradise!”

By Twila Lindblade