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Van Halen Tribute “Jumps” into Jackie’s Brickhouse Saturday, November 17

Nov 07, 2018 05:14PM ● By John Ennis
The Bay Area has been fortunate to host a wide variety of stellar tribute acts in recent years, and Jackie’s Brickhouse in Kemah will be serving up even more rocking shows in November!

VHT, or Van Halen Tribute, will return to the stage this month with their show that is truly the closest thing audiences can experience next to the original band itself. Formed in 2015, VHT quickly gained a large following, bringing those from the era down memory lane with hits such as “Jump,” “Hot for Teacher,” and “Runnin’ with the Devil.”

“We really try to give the full Van Halen experience,” said guitarist George Mangos, who is also well-known as the Ritchie Sambora of the local Bon Jovi tribute (Let It Rock). “And it’s just evolved to where we’ve been able to bring the show to the House of Blues in Houston, and in Dallas, as well as the Aztec Theater in San Antonio. And we are really excited to bring the experience to Jackie’s this month!” he said.

The current lineup of the VHT experience along with Mangos includes Blackie Edge (vocals); Anthony Eaton (drums); Brad Caudle (bass). Both Eaton and Caudle, who also take part in a Rush tribute, will perform in the opening Led Zeppelin Tribute for the Jackie’s show before VHT hits the stage with antics reminiscent of a live Van Halen show.
“Blackie really brings out the best of what David Lee Roth used to be. He’s a great showman and really takes it to the limit, but he’s also one of the most down-to-earth guys in the music business,” Mangos said. “We put our hearts into it. One of our last shows, Anthony was even on the lighting rig hanging over the audience!” he laughed.

To add to the authenticity of the performance, Mangos — who has built guitars for over 30 years — plays a guitar during shows that is an exact rendering of that used in Van Halen. 

“I always say I get the idea for the guitar and the band comes after that. It’s the exact same guitar, it’s authentic, and stage-worthy,” said Mangos, who also performs on a Ritchie Sambora guitar he built in his Bon Jovi tribute. “We are always working on harmonies and listening to live recordings. We take this really seriously,” he said, adding that for even more showmanship, “My wife has also made me a couple of outfits, like those from the ‘Hot for Teacher’ video, for example.” 
Ultimately, the Van Halen Tribute is one not to miss this month at Jackie’s Brickhouse! 
“We’re going to take you down memory lane – we want you to sit back in the moment, and go back to a time that you didn’t have any worries or responsibilities except who was going to buy beer on the weekend. We love it when we hear things like, ‘Wow, I really feel like I was at a Van Halen concert in ’79,” he said.  “I love this, and I love seeing people enjoy themselves as much as I do!”

The Van Halen Tribute will “Jump!” into Jackie’s Brickhouse on Saturday, November 17 beginning at 9 p.m. with the Led Zeppelin Tribute. Get ready to have an unforgettable rocking night that takes you back down memory lane — and when you go, make sure to tell them The SCENE sent you!

By Sarah Piña

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