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Featured Chef Celestine Flores from Bayshore Grill and Billiards

Oct 04, 2018 04:36PM ● By John Ennis
What is  your Background/Experience? 10 years at Perry's Steakhouse (Kitchen Manager). I opened two Perry's restaurants during that time. I spent 1 year at Bubbas and 1 year at Legends, which I opened. I have lots of experience in different kitchens

What is your Specialty in the kitchen?  My specialty is Steaks, Brisket & Ribs.

Do you have a Signature Dish?  I would have to say my Smoked Ribs are my specialty. 

Please elaborate or describe your Smoked Ribs: They smoke for 6 hours with a special rub. Also, during smoking I brush them with signature BBQ sauce.  They are tender, fall off bone, juicy, amazing flavor and filling.

Have you ever prepared a meal for anyone famous or infamous?
 Many, but Mike Tyson at Perry's Steakhouse in 1997 and famous Mexican actor Pablo Montero at Perry's Steakhouse in 1996 come to mind. 

Please share 1 special cooking tip or technique for our readers: Brush garlic butter on hamburger patties about 30 seconds before you remove from grill. That's gives enough time for flavor to soak in patty and gives the meat an amazing flavor.