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Comic Book Superhero • Featured Artist: Chris Foreman

Local comic book illustrator and advocate, Chris Foreman is enamored by the storytelling process and how it can bring you into a different world where you escape the day to day of your life.

“You get to simply observe someone’s story and sort of live life through their eyes. You get to essentially be someone else,” declared Foreman. He has always wanted to be a storyteller. Foreman told he found his voice with comics. He said, “I have been a fan of superhero comics and cartoons as far back as I have conscious thought.” 

Foreman shared he began drawing Aquaman and Superman while watching Super Friends cartoon reruns. He mentioned, “My parents still have the original artwork stashed away somewhere.” 

Foreman described his grade school self as the “kid who can draw really well,” and, therefore, excelled in art-based projects. He admitted, “With that came the adverse effect of getting in trouble for doodling in class when I should have been studying, but that's natural I believe.” Foreman’s art adventures continued through middle school and high school. “I found I could sell art to fellow students who wanted a Wolverine or Spawn sketch. I, of course, took to that. It was good money for an unemployed teenager,” he said. 

Foreman proclaimed it wasn’t until his late 20s that he took his art talents seriously enough to pursue as a career. Besides working on his own projects, he has worked as a sketch artist for numerous companies. Foreman disclosed that he is currently work-shopping projects that he will soon present to potential publishers.  Foreman explained his illustration tools include various pencils and leads to create different softness. He also utilizes assorted pens such as Microns and Pentel brush pens for inking the line work to establish line weights. 

“Whenever I color I use various markers, but mostly Prismacolor markers. I appreciate that the right tools, when used correctly, can help to further flesh-out the image you are creating,” advised Foreman. 

He expressed, “I love the chance to just create a snapshot of action or emotion and the chance to make something out of nothing.” He added, “I am able to use my art to evoke an emotion and make someone feel something. That's a huge honor to me.” 

Foreman believes that writing and shaping a world full of rich and deep characters is the natural evolution of the storytelling process for a large portion of illustrators. View additional Chris Foreman art on Facebook at and on Instagram by following @ chrisforemanartist. His original works are also on display at Dimensions Comics, Music & More in Seabrook. Foreman’s next live event will be at Alamo City Comic Con held 
October 26-28.

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