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Sol Flair creates blended beats & hyped up party vibes

Sol Flair loves lighting up the room with their positive energy and diversified sound at each of their shows. Their goal is for their music to bring the crowd to their feet and onto the dance floor – and leave their fans wondering what’s next!  Party-goers won’t hear the same songs at every show or even the same genre! 

From Avicii to Drake to Simple Minds and everything in between, Sol Flair aims to surprise crowds with deep melodies and hyped-up party vibes. 

“We play super contemporary music, some pop and even sometimes country,” said Tres Page, vocalist and bass player. “Our lead singer, Jacob is influenced a lot by Trent Reznor, Audio Slave, Alice In Chains, but we tend to listen to all-new music. There are some songs we are really eager to play and we have a large playability.”

Sol Flair has a comfort level with one another that allows for a relaxed dance on stage. Dedicating time to their passion has helped create that dynamic.

“We play together at least three or four times a week and see each other more than our own families at times,” Tres said. “Ultimately, we’re just dudes hanging out and everyone does what they’re supposed to and loves.”

Sol Flair has been making music together for almost three years. Their ability to appeal to different age groups and to blend different music styles has helped create their large fan base. They also have a flare for creating mash-ups from songs you might hear on the radio, but with their own flavor. 

“We can play music in a way that you have a new found respect for,” he said. “There’s a Post Malone mash-up that we do that’s 12 minutes long, and it’s really cool blend,” Tres said. 
Another unique mash-up is with The Cranberrie’s Zombie and Eminem’s Stan. 

“We just rerecorded it, and I’m so hyped. It’s amazing,” he said
Jacob Casas was a vocalist and piano player for Infinity’s Twin when Tres met him and admired his talent. 

He knew he wanted to create with Jacob.
“I told him we would end up being best friends,” Tres said. “He was like, no we’re not and was dismissive. And, he we are today.”

Sol Flair band members include Joshua Lewis (drums), Damen Turner (lead guitar), Tres Page (bass and lead vocals) and Jacob Casas (guitar and lead vocals).

Covering original songs has allowed Sol Flair to continue their passion for music all over the Houston area, including venues like Cabo, Jackie’s Brickhouse, Barge 295, the Kemah Boardwalk and more. But they recently began creating original music that will continue to peak their fan’s interests.  Songs like Feel the Love, Astroworld and Four on the Floor can be heard on Spotify.

“We have a lot of versatility, and we want our album to reflect that,” Tres said.

Their original songs continue the blending of sounds with deep house, drum techniques, an African vibe drum with a tribal dance in between, some Lil Jon and Coldplay influences. Talk about a unique range! 

You can see Sol Flair and all of their finesse at Jackie’s Brickhouse on Halloween, Oct. 31. Tell them The SCENE sent you.

By Twila Lindblade