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Meet The Brewer: Jason Stromberg at Galveston Island Brewing

Meet lead brewer Jason Stromberg from the recent Great American Beer Festival medaling Galveston Island Brewing. 

Favorite Texas brewed beer? Favorite non-Texas brewed beer?  In response to both those questions, it is really hard to pick a favorite beer in Texas and in other states and countries. The beer that is my favorite is the one I am drinking that day. 

Your favorite beer to brew and/or your favorite beer that you brew? I really like to fire up our 5BBL system and do one offs to experiment with different styles and recipes. 

What beer styles or classifications do you feel could possibly be overlooked by local beer enthusiasts? Sours and wild beers

Describe a Bucket List setting or event where you hope to enjoy a beer one-day? In a bungalow in Bora Bora with my wife. 

Describe your favorite setting or event which you have enjoyed a beer? Driving across Wisconsin and shopping at every disc golf course we could, while pounding 30 packs of High Life.

 The last and/or most interesting job you held before becoming a professional brewer. I worked for Midwest Supplies home brew shop which influenced me to become a professional brewer. 
Words of advice to anyone hoping to turn their passion of brewing and beer into a career.  Pay close attention to fermentation and keep your yeast healthy.

“The state of the Texas craft beer scene is…. up and coming and making a name for itself.
Favorite perk of working in a brewery is meeting lots of fun and interesting people.
Least favorite aspect of working in a brewery is when we first started canning it was fun, new and exciting, but now I would be ok if someone else took my place on canning day. 

If you had to start working in one other brewery starting tomorrow which brewery would it be and why? Waconia Brewing Company because my brother is the head brewer there and professionally brewing with him would be quite the endeavor.