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Art Awakening • Featured Artis Dew Harvey

Dec 02, 2017 05:17PM
Separated from her family at the age of seven and adopted; Dew Harvey shared she experienced confusion and depression. A counselor suggested Harvey find art. She found a cheap water color-type set and started painting. 

Harvey never lost the motivation to paint. Years later after getting married, Harvey attended night school at Louisiana State University to study art. She sold her first painting in 1972.
She told, “I was excited and thought one day I will be an artist.” 

Harvey often gathers artistic inspiration from her surroundings. She was born in New Orleans and the swamps and marshy landscapes dominate her pieces.  She informed, “Louisiana seems to sell anywhere. Mountains not so much. A swamp scene is serene and relaxing, not cold.” 

Harvey moved to Seabrook more than 20 years ago to live and enjoy the boating life. She returned to painting just three years ago and the bay area now also influences her works. Additionally, Harvey paints from photos. 

She affirmed, “I love to paint beauty or something of meaning. I fall in love with a photo and I have to paint it. Something hits me and I want to put it on canvas to keep it or it’s something people will like and I must share it.” 

Harvey has painted with different styles and mediums including water color, acrylics, oils, and flow art. She acknowledged when creating abstracts, “You don’t know what you’re going to get. I like to be in control.” 

Harvey’s favorite medium is oils. She said, “It’s my preference. I can do so much more with oils.” Plus, she added, “Oils last forever. It will be around for your children’s children.” 
Her most prevalent painting style is Realism. “I paint as real as I can without spending another five months on a painting,” she admitted. 

Her museum-worthy pieces are dramatic and full of life. As is her goal, Harvey’s brush strokes read like a book and tell an audible story. The viewers want to test the waters with their toes and can hear the flapping of a crane’s wings or the splash of a dolphin. The depth and vibrant colors are tangible and enticing. They do not allow a quick glance. 

Harvey expressed, “I paint to wake someone up to art, not for money. My forte is bringing people to art and bringing art out of people.” Harvey incites talent in others. She especially delights in teaching folks who don’t believe they can paint. 

“Everybody has art in them whether it’s sculpting or guitar. Most people don’t pull it out. Painting helps them wake up and investigate other art forms,” stated Harvey. She insists with the right techniques and tools everyone can create good art. Harvey believes she is affecting her students’ souls when sharing her tips and tricks with them. She revealed some students cry with joy after completing a painting and signing their name. “It lights your heart and hits your soul when someone likes your work,” Harvey said. Her artistic talents reach far beyond her canvases.

Learn more about the artist, classes, or to view additional works visit or call 713-447-3586. She is also on facebook at