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Going With the Flow • Featured Artist: Monica Osborne

Nov 15, 2017 03:47PM
This month, Norwegian artist Monica Osborne travels for the first time to the United States. The International resin artist will visit Kemah, Seabrook, and other bay areas to share her extraordinary talents and her heartwarming story. 

Osborne explains resin art or liquid art is rock hard and very shiny. It consists of epoxy resin, a hardener, and pigments (colored powders). The combination of resin with a hardener produces an artistic chemical reaction; that combined with Osborne’s design techniques generates intriguing pieces. She uses a torch to eliminate any bubbles that may form in the resin and a blow dryer to create lacing, movement, and special effects. 

Her pursuit of creating art began four years ago following an unprovoked assault at her work. Osborne developed PTSD with anxiety and depression. 

She told, “The depression was very severe. I needed to do something.” Times were also difficult for her family financially, but they agreed to skip a bill one month in order for Osborne to purchase her first art kit of beeswax and pigments. She experimented with art for three years and then found acrylics and art resin.

“I was sold,” she said. According to Osborne painting is healing. She disclosed, “I never ever, ever painted to be famous or sell my paintings. If it hadn’t been for painting, I’d be gone. I wouldn’t have survived.” 

Osborne joined various art groups to share and learn. She started her own Facebook group and has amassed quite a following with over 800 members from around the world. The group shares ideas, creations, and even posts live demonstrations. Osborne declared she is proud of the group because it doesn’t just encompass art; it’s also personal. 

“It’s beautiful to see every one care for each other in a world that is sometimes cold,” she shared. 

A local member of the group, Dew Harvey, suggested Osborne visit her for a painting party and thus initiated Osborne’s first trip to the United States. She expressed, “I was in shock for couple of days. I talked to my husband and he said go for it.” Osborne and Harvey then planned a multi-day “Monica Fest” event with meet and greet and painting party. In just two days, 40 people enrolled.  “For me, it’s unreal,” admitted Osborne. She informed that artists and fans from 14 states, South America, and Norway will be attending. 

 Osborne revealed she is most excited about the trip to meet the people and hug them all for making an effort to take a break in their life to meet her and paint with her. She said, “That is humbling.” Osborne confessed as the mother of two boys, she is also excited to catch up on sleep during the ten hour bus ride and 15 hour plane ride to the Bay Area of Texas. “I’m just amazed with everything that has happened. It always stuns me the reactions of people,” stated Osborne. She mentioned one fan called her the “resin queen.” She added, “I’ve not had one negative feedback. I like my paintings, but I see healing. I can see me in a way. It’s normal for me. I can’t understand what others see.” Osborne’s art resin is vibrant and engaging. Her own healing art can be the same for any viewer; allowing a moment of escape into the motion and allure of her pieces. It is reminiscent of Pablo Picasso’s quote, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Osborne’s own thoughts on inspiring people is modest. She affirmed, “Inspiring [people], that’s amazing. I’m just being myself. I’m honest and genuine. I wear no mask.” 

See Osborne paint on her Youtube channel at ‘Monica Osborne International resin artist’ or visit her Facebook group ‘Go With the Flow with Monica Osborne’ or universalartpigments to view additional resin art.