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Meet Valle Kauniste of Pearland's Vallensons Brewing

Favorite Texas brewed beer? Citra Mellow, Galveston Island Brewing Company. 

Favorite non-Texas brewed beer? Wolf Pup Session IPA, Los Angeles California

Your favorite beer to brew and/or your favorite beer that you brew? I love to brew Stouts and Porters. My favorite beer I brew is our Oatmeal Stout  

What beer styles or classifications do you feel could possibly be overlooked by local beer enthusiasts? Stouts

Describe a Bucket List setting or event where you hope to enjoy a beer one-day? The setting is going to occur this week as we open the doors to Vallensons' Brewing Company, and I get to drink our beer with our family, friends, and the community. (Opened 5/27) 

Describe your favorite setting or event which you have enjoyed a beer? My favorite setting is chilling under the huge Green Ash tree on our property. Great place to have a cold one. 

The last and/or most interesting job you held before becoming a professional brewer. Space Industry. 

Words of advice to anyone hoping to turn their passion of brewing and beer into a career. Stay focused and pursue your dream. Brewing is not a job; it is a passion, in my opinion. 

The state of the Texas craft beer scene is .. starting to gain some momentum. There is a ton of room for growth in this industry and this is the best industry to be a part of because we all look out for each other and will do anything to help another brewery out.  

Favorite perk of working in a brewery is drinking free beer :-)

Least favorite aspect of working in a brewery is cleaning the damn mash tun :-(

If you had to start working in one other brewery starting tomorrow which brewery would it be and why? It will have to be DogFish Head. I love their style, and they make some really great beers that are unique and off centered kinda like me. They are an independent and family controlled business which is in my business model.