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Craft Beer Ambassador: John Corbett, Stuttgarden Texas City

Jan 19, 2017 06:00PM ● By John Ennis
Favorite Texas brewed beer: Real Ale is putting out some amazing beers their Axis IPA is probably my favorite at the moment with its hints of tropical fruit and citrus. It is an easy drinking delicious beer.

Favorite non-Texas brewed beer: Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion. It is a series of beers that rotates different hops so it is always intriguing and each batch will be different than the last.

Overlooked beer classification: I love a great Porter! Porters are overlooked because of the Stouts, Imperial Stouts, and Bourbon barrel aged Stouts being all the hype.

Favorite setting or event which you have enjoyed a beer: I really love enjoying a beer with family and friends on a chilly night around a bonfire.

Bucket list setting in which you would like to enjoy a beer one day: I've always wanted to visit Germany during Oktoberfest because it is the worlds largest beer festival.

One person living with whom you would like to enjoy a beer with: Mike Youngkin is a brewer at Texas Beer Refinery. He introduced me to the craft beer world. We are still great friends just finding time to sit and enjoy a beer together is getting harder to do with our busy schedules.

One person not living with whom you would like to enjoy a beer with: My grandfather, who believed that there was a perfect wine for every meal. I wish he was still alive so I could introduce him to all the different types of beer.

The State of the Texas Craft Beer scene is still on the rise with more and more craft breweries opening all the time.

When I'm not working or drinking beer, I'm relaxing at home or playing trivia with my girlfriend and sometimes I travel to Austin.

Other than current profession, what position/profession would you like to attempt: I would like to have my own bar eventually.

Who inspires you: Ken Grossman the founder of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. He started his company when there were only 45 independent brewery's in America. He started basically with nothing, going door to door selling his beer and now runs a 300 million dollar brewing company. He is always trying to improve his products.