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Craft Beer Ambassador: Michelle Hooks, Stuttgarden Kemah

Jan 19, 2017 06:03PM ● By John Ennis
Favorite Texas brewed beer: I am a huge Texas Beer Refinery fan!!

Favorite non-Texas brewed beer: Clown Shoes makes some tasty beers.

Overlooked beer classification: A good Gose or a good Rye Beer.

Favorite setting or event which you have enjoyed a beer: Is there a bad place to have a beer?

Bucket list setting in which you would like to enjoy a beer one day: I would love to do a US tour in a RV! Maybe stop at 5 breweries for every state..... after my kids are gone, of course!

One person living with whom you would like to enjoy a beer with: Donald Trump! Cause....why not???? (I didnt even vote, before anyone judges!)

One person not living with whom you would like to enjoy a beer with: My grandfather. I would love a few more moments with him.

The State of the Texas Craft Beer scene is Booming!!!! It is very exciting to watch so many new breweries pop up. I love local beer!

When I'm not working or drinking beer, I'm doing Crossfit. Just ask me.... I will tell you all about it.

Who inspires you: My amazing 5 year old, T! He was born with a childhood liver disease and is a huge light in everyones life that he meets. I am super lucky to watch him grow and become an amazing person. He reminds me not to sweat the small stuff....and its all small stuff.

How long have you been working at Stuttgarden: Stuttgarden Kemah has been open 2 months! John and Derek have built an awesome place for folks to have a couple of beers....and lots of fun! Prior to that, I have worked at the Galveston location with Eric & Danny for a little more than a year.