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Craft Beer Ambassador: Eric Jones, Stuttgarden On The Strand

Jan 19, 2017 06:03PM ● By John Ennis
Favorite Texas brewed beer: That's a tough question. I'll let you know when I've tasted them all.

Favorite non-Texas brewed beer: There are too many to choose from. That's like asking my favorite thing on Stuttgarden's menu, they all taste good.

Overlooked beer classification: American Brown ale.

Favorite setting or event which you have enjoyed a beer: Backyard cook-outs with friends and family.

Bucket list setting in which you would like to enjoy a beer one day: Beerfest in Germany.

One person living with whom you would like to enjoy a beer with: Matthew McConaughey.

One person not living with whom you would like to enjoy a beer with: Samuel Adams.

The State of the Texas Craft Beer scene is looking good! I'm excited to see where we take it from here.

When I'm not working or drinking beer, I’m hanging out with my wife and kids.

Other than current profession, what position/profession would you like to attempt: Something to do with fitness.

Who inspires you: My dad.

How long have you been working at Stuttgarden On The Strand: Since it's inception.