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Featured Culinary Artist: Orasinee Ratanaarporn

Dec 07, 2015 01:18PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
Thai Spice Rice-Noodle House 300 W. Bay Area Blvd. #900 281-554-6800

Background: When I was a girl, my father owned a small hotel (similar to Motel 8), and he owned a very big restaurant for tourists on the northeast side of Thailand. I am self-taught from my father’s restaurant. Many days, I had no choice but to cook for myself.

My specialty: Balancing ingredients to create simply delicious meals.

Signature dishes: A must-try: Angel Wings. Any restaurant can cook wings, but my wing secret is in the sauce. Pad Thai: This noodle dish is the most famous noodle dish from Thailand. All Thai restaurants have this dish on their menu, but the reason it has become my signature dish is because I created a pad Thai sauce that has all elements of taste: sweet, sour and salty. Most other Thai restaurants serve theirs with lime, plus sugar on the side.

Have you ever prepared a meal for anyone famous? In 2002, I had the honor to cook for her majesty the queen of Thailand during her one week visit to Houston and stay at St. Regis hotel. (Absolutely a famous person!)

Favorite non-famous persons: I did some charity work and cooked for orphanage in Thailand in year 2008.

Cooking Tip: Cook from the heart!

Technique Challenge: Play with the fire as you cook. (Control your heat levels high to low and back while cooking your food.)