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Featured Artist: Doug Kosmo

By Kelley Dawson

Art of Kosmo

Local artist, Doug Kosmo dreams of just the right art show to present his creations. Kosmo shared his image of a Vaudeville-esque show with a black curtain being drawn to reveal each painting. His vision even includes a barker attracting the patrons and behind the paintings, a real-life replication of the piece to create a “whole experience.” Kosmo’s works deserve such a show, yet his pieces perform brilliantly all on their own. His paintings reach out, grab hold, and narrate intriguing stories. They speak loudly with bold colors, specific details, and peculiar perspective.

“I’m inspired by stories, music, and cool, old photographs,” told Kosmo. All of his inspirations are very apparent in each of his works. Kosmo finds photos of “weird moments in time” in old books and online searches that peek his interest. “I don’t know what the story or photo is,” he said. Kosmo explained his paintings based on old photos are non-realistic and encompass his interpretation of the story. He added he attempts to tell the story “my way into painting and with color.”

Kosmo’s brushstroke stories began over 20 years ago with murals at the 1980s Houston hot spot Power Tools. He studied graphic arts and designed unique graphics for a popular snowboard and skateboard company. Kosmo shared that his current art includes both acrylic and oils on canvas to produce an eclectic mix. His subjects include animals, and people during many eras such as 1800s Western and Native American to musicians of the 1920s. Many Kosmo paintings have sold across the United States and various countries including France and Costa Rica. He said recently he has been experimenting with painting on small, rectangular cut pieces of old fence boards that can be fit together. His hope for customers to create a design-your-own collection of art of Kosmo. He believes, “It’s all about taking chances.”

To view more of Doug Kosmo’s works, visit or email [email protected] Kosmo’s paintings are currently on display at the Butler Longhorn Museum in League City.

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