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“Weirdest Band In The World” coming to town!

Sep 14, 2015 01:34PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
Mac Sabbath @ Scout Bar • Sunday, September 26

The SCENE is excited to report California’s top-rated McDonald's-Inspired Black Sabbath Tribute Band is coming to town on Sunday, Sept 26 for a gig at Scout Bar.

Fronted by Ronald Osborne, Mac Sabbath is at the forefront of the next obvious heavy metal subgenre following death metal, black metal, speed metal, power metal and doom metal, which is drive-thru metal.

The rest of the band includes Slayer Mac Cheeze (Mayor McCheese), Grimalice (Grimace) and Cat Burglar (Hamburglar).  But forget the obvious cheese, because word is, this group is actually really good. Sure the band’s cover of “Iron Man” is rechristened “Frying Pan,” but it is apparently spot-on musically. Considering the chances of another Black Sabbath tour is pretty slim, this may be the closest you are likely to get as the group is credited with mastering the metal giant’s trademark meaty riffing and biting vocals.