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Locally Made Films are Finalists at Gulf Coast Film Festival

Sep 11, 2015 03:45PM ● By Corinne Moore
Films are submitted across the nation as well as several countries to the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival. This year the film fest has two local filmmakers to make the finalists and screenings.

Chris Kuhlman of CK Productions in Seabrook is the producer of the finalist film Midnight Abyss. Stephen Wolfe is the screenwriter and director. This film was made in Seabrook and Galveston. This is a psychological horror film and can be seen Friday, September 11 at 10 p.m.

Through the City is the other local film. Autumn Grounds is the screenwriter, director and producer. Knight Vision Productions with Robin Holk submitted the finalist film that was partially shot at a production at Clear Falls High School. Local actor Tyler Perez, a 2015 Clear Falls High School graduate is the driving force in this music video. Tyler has appeared in the MTV series Scream and has just signed on to a three-year contract as a cast member in Nickelodeon’s new series, Wits Academy. September 11 at 6 p.m. is the screening of this new talent. Another Texas addition is producer Michael S. Wayne and director Chip Hale’s finalist film, Sweethearts of the Gridiron. This documentary follows the qualifying standards of a group of young women competing for a place on the famous Texas Kilgore College Rangerettes. Nine Rangerettes will be at the screening in full uniform for autographs and photos. The film will begin Saturday, September 12 at 9 a.m.

Local (Deer Park) product and Actor Adam Mayfield will be attending the Gulf Coast Film Festival September 11 and 12 held at the Nassau Bay Courtyard Marriott. Mayfield, who has the lead in the dark comedy entry “What if my Wife died in Yoga Class?” attended Houston’s High School for the Performing & Visual Arts and graduated with a B.A. in theatre from DePaul University in Chicago.

Adam’s TV and film credits include: NBC’s Days of our Lives, ABC’s All My Children, Hallmark and Lifetime movies, appearances on several sitcoms, stage plays and countless TV commercials. In 2013, he accepted the award for Best Feature Film at the St. Tropez International Film Festival in France for the film, The Preacher’s Daughter, in which he had the lead. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress/producer, Virginia Novello.

All films will be shown at Marriot Courtyard Nassau Bay. For additional information and screening times log onto


Gulf Coast Film Festival • Finalist Film Schedule

Friday, September 11th Screenings 6:00 P.M. Through The City    Genre: Music Video, Director: Autumn Grounds 6:05 P.M. The Blimp Trap    Genre: Drama, Director: Shawn Welling 6:10 P.M. Village Folksinger    Genre: Documentary, Director: David Francis 7:00 P.M. Circadian Rhythm    Genre: Drama, Director: Lea M. Jones 7:15 P.M. Mr. Chucklebones    Genre: Horror, Director: James H. Longmore 7:47 P.M. Fractured Diamond    Genre: Trailer, Director: Kristen Perry 7:50 P.M. Isle of Doom    Genre: Horror, Director: Frank Shank 9:15 P.M. Peace and Rain    Genre: Music Video, Director: John Browning 9:25 P.M. What if My Wife Died In Yoga Class?     Genre: Comedy, Director: Jeffrey Williams 9:45 P.M. Introspection    Genre: Drama/Art/Experimental, Director: Quinton Lowe 9:55 P.M. The Taking of Ezra Bodine    Genre: Drama, Director: Lance R. Marshall 10:10 P.M. Midnight Abyss    Genre: Horror, Director: Stephen Wolfe

Saturday September 12th Screenings 8:00 A.M. If I Could Talk     Genre: Drama, Director: Shawn Welling 8:15 A.M. The Kid    Genre: Silent, Director: David Scott Heck 9:10 A.M. Sweethearts of the Gridiron    Genre: Documentary, Director: Chip Hale 9:45 A.M. Introspection    Genre: Drama/Art/Experimental, Director: Tarik Belhouchet 9:55 A.M. Beta Centauri    Genre: Documentary, Director: Daniel R Poulson 10:30 A.M. Primary Ignition of Secondary     Genre: Documentary, Director: Randel Smith 10:35 A.M. First Impressions    Genre: Horror, Director: James H. Longmore 10:50 A.M. This is My Monologue: Part 1     Genre: Art/Experimental, Director: Sam W. Kratzel 10:55 A.M. Beyond The Yellow Brick Road     Genre: Documentary, Director: Shawn Welling 11:10 A.M. 7 Minutes of Mayhem    Genre: Comedy, Director: Joey Cantu 11:30 A.M. Bitch is Ready for Tea    Genre: Music Video, Director: Kapil Nair 11:35 P.M. Charlie     Genre: Drama, Director: Shawn Ryan 12:00 P.M. FROG    Genre: Drama/Coming of Age, Director: Tyler A. Wallach 12:20 P.M. The Phone In The Attic     Genre: Drama/Thriller, Director: Jim Long 2:00 P.M. The Beheading    Genre: Action, Director: Gary Chason 2:20 P.M. Third Base    Genre: Drama, Director: Katt Gilgrease 3:05 P.M. Moving Day    Genre: Drama, Director: Louis Hunter

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