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Aug 04, 2014 03:30PM ● By Corinne Moore
It’s hard to miss the widely brilliant British flag mural adorning the front half of The Cock & Bull Pub in Seabrook. The mural is the latest painted by local artist Edgar Bustillos. Most Bay Area residents would recognize his many murals emblazon upon local businesses, boutiques, and restaurants. Though Bustillos’ talents are not only found on a large, commercial scale; he produces fine art paintings as well.

Bustillos credits much of his artistic talent to being born in the generation without technology and growing up an only child. “Just give me pen and paper. It was my outlet,” he said. Bustillos studied art throughout his school years. While studying art at the College of the Mainland, Bustillos received an opportunity to obtain his art degree from Mass Art in Boston.

The cost of living proved too high, and Bustillos moved back to Texas. He continued college and earned a degree in education. Bustillos currently teaches at a local intermediate school and is certified to teach most subjects including art, Spanish and physical education. Bustillos said he enjoys teaching and gaining new perspectives from his students which he incorporates into his art.

According to Bustillos, the human form is his favorite subject because of the “endless expression.” He added, “It’s a common denominator for people to relate to.” Bustillos’ paintings combine his love of human form and his extensive world travels while embodying his uniquely distorted perspective and uncompromising color palate. Bustillos admits he likes having full range of control over his art. “Life can be accommodating, settling on something. Art gives me complete control.” Bustillos explained that he uses “distortion to force the viewer to focus on the area I want them to focus on. It’s unique and on purpose.” The bold, lustrous colors are completely by Bustillos’ design. He told, “Every color is mixed to be what I want, not what comes out of a can. I create the tone of what I want it to be.” He also cuts, sands, and builds his own canvas frames to be exactly how he envisions.

Having given up brush painting more than four years ago (except for commercial commissions), Bustillos has adapted to air brush technique. His air brush works defy the medium with intricate details and intimate emotion. Bustillos said his larger paintings may take 60 hours to complete and must begin with a solid drawing. Bustillos shared that he often uses several photographs to create one painting. He said, “I may like the head in one photo and the hands in another. Each photo has its own perspective.” Bustillos stated, “My art reflects different interpretations on the many familiar events that people tend to overlook. I feel I have the responsibility of being honest about the events and experiences that have made me the artist I am today.”

See all of Bustillos’ unique perspectives at his current fine art show which continues through the month of August at the Evelyn Meador Library 2400 Meyer Ave. in Seabrook. Also visit

- Kelly Dawson