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Midnite Slice Presents the 2nd Annual Seabrook Music Festival

Aug 01, 2014 06:52PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF

Friday, August 15 & Saturday, August 16  •  Seabrook's Meador Park

Midnite Slice, Seabrook’s most creative and delicious pizza spot, presents the second annual Seabrook Music Festival on Friday, August 15 and Saturday, August 16. It will be two days of awesome music that showcases the talent of 28 local musicians and bands on two stages flanked by more than 40 vendors.

“Basically, this event is a bunch of bands and businesses getting together to create something awesome,” said Sibbian Roe, the owner of Midnite Slice. “Midnite Slice is proud to bring the community together and celebrate all the wonderful things Seabrook has to offer as well as promote local businesses and highlight local musicians while simultaneously providing a fun finale to summer.”

The family-friendly event will be held at Rex L. Meador Park, located at 2400 Hammer in Seabrook and includes games, music and food.

General admission two-day tickets are $15 pre-ordered or $25 at the gate. Buy them online at or pick them up at Midnite Slice (1605 2nd Street in Seabrook) or at Cabo (2513 E. NASA Parkway in Seabrook). Kids 12 and under are free. Opt for a premium festival experience, and purchase “Yacht Club” tickets at the pre-sale price of $125. Included with each all access ticket is a private bar, meet and greets, and an admission to the after-party. The gates open at 5 p.m. on Friday and 11 a.m. on Saturday. The festival lasts until 10 p.m. both nights.

“Bring the kids and spend the weekend with us at the Seabrook Musical festival,” Roe said.

Punkstar Full Throttle is hosting the event. Visit for the music schedule and more information.

Performing on the Singer-Songwriter Stage & Main Stage on Friday, August 15:

Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine - Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine will be kicking off the festivities as the opening act. Come rock, dance, and travel back to the days you almost remember with those songs you could never forget!

ERASETHEVIRUS - There is no doubt that industrial metal band ERASETHEVIRUS does very bad things. But, it’s when they are bad that they are GOOD. The sons-of-electronic have a new song remix available on their website ( and Facebook page titled “Love Bites” (Devour REMIX by Hugo Drax).

Cassette Tape - Cassette Tape can be described as indescribable. It’s more about the experience, than the genre. Their influences are wide-ranging, from classic rock, modern heavy rock, to Spanish folk music. All of this forms the building blocks to the experimental, hip hop, progressive reggae that has the band flexing their musical muscles into a unique sound.

Soul In Tension – The terms “very energetic” and “original” come to mind when describing alternative rock band Soul In Tension’s live shows. Expect a lot of jumping and crowd surfing during their raw rock shows.

The Wayward Sons - The Wayward Sons make use of acoustic and electric guitars, the banjo, mandolin, suitcases, license plates and whatever else they can to produce an alternative-roots-folk sound with a strong emphasis on lyrical story telling.

The Snow Indian - This honky-tonk heaven really makes you feel like hell – at least it is what they say. Beautiful people. Strange places. Folk. Punk. Indie. Houston. Noise-gasm. Come check out this band.

Matt Cash – The lead guitarist and vocalist of Cassette Tape is performing an incredibly cool acoustic set. He also delivers pizza for Midnite Slice, and if you’re extra nice, you may get a song sung to you as he gives you your piping hot pie.

The Truckstop Assassins are also on the schedule for Friday night.

Performing on the Singer-Songwriter Stage & Main Stage Saturday, August 16:

12 Stones – The veteran post-grunge Christian rock band from Louisiana is seemingly always on the road performing their Billboard music chart hits. What a treat to have them in our backyard. Don’t miss this show. 12 Stones emerged from anonymity via their self-titled debut in 2002 and rose to prominence quickly. Singer Paul McCoy's appeared on the debut hit from Evanescence "Bring Me To Life." Beneath The Scars is the latest album release and includes a diverse array of compositions truly capturing the full gamut of human emotions and delivers a sound that remains undeniably true to 12 Stones.

DML Cartel – The members of DML Cartel have many years of performances with numerous bands under their belts. They have stepped outside the cookie-cutter trap that most bands fall into, not to invent a new genre, but to create a musical experiment that breaks down musical stereotypes and unites listeners with a diverse range of musical flavors to suit all tastes.

DORYDRIVE – It’s ok that the band says they are Green Bay Packer and L.A. Raider fans. They also enjoy cases of domestic beer a/k/a "sanity water," too. And go as far to say a little Jack Daniels, Bacardi, and Captain never hurt anyone, either. DORYDRIVE'S hybrid of pop, country, and rock has captivated all who listen, and their public demand has kept them on the road for the better part of 2 years with the pleasure of supporting Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Sevendust, Fuel, Candlebox, James Durbin, Adelita’s Way, Pop Evil, Hinder, Hollywood Undead, 10 years, and so many others.

Chris J. Hardy – Chris J. Hardy has worked diligently over the past couple of years building his brand and earning his reputation as a stand-up guy, a professional songwriter and performing artist who is able to connect effortlessly with his audience. Hardy says “There is nothing else I would rather do.”

Soulfiya - The veteran heavy-weight based out of Galveston blends American Reggae, Dancehall and Hip-Hop to create meaningful songs and a raucous, high-energy show that keeps the crowds hyped. His music deals with geo-politics, police brutality, neo-colonialism, and the overall false nature of many of today’s popular musicians.

Marc Borde - Captain Marc Borde tells tales through his organic sound and lyrics portraying love, loss, and island life. His latest release with Hold Fast Fables “Cat-O-Nine Tales” is a first-class effort from three of the most talented musicians in the Bay Area. Get it today. The album can be purchased at www.That

Shadow Hound - Shadow Hound formed from the wreckage of the Houston Suburb scene. In a mess of drug addiction, dead-end jobs, and closed doors, Shadow Hound breaks through and reminds us we can always find a light... If we can punch through a wall...

Bruce Courtney - Courtney strives to put his own interpretation on everything he performs. One of his original songs is “I Don't Wanna Be Friends” because “It conveys a simple message that everyone can relate to.” His favorite cover to acoustically perform is “Come Together” by The Beatles. “It's fun to play, and it’s also fun to see people kind of jam out.” (See the related article in this month’s issue.)

The Radio Broadcast - As the house lights go from dim to dark the stage starts to glow and the smoke starts to rise. You hear the faint sound of blips and bleeps grow louder and louder as they sync with the dance rhythm from the kick and the high hat met with a clap. A cymbal crashes as the bass beat smashes and the stage light flashes. The vocal drops and is swept right back up with a warm synth line. Then you find yourself in the middle of an electro dance party brought to you by The Radio Broadcast.

School of Rock – A serious treat! For over a decade, School of Rock has been teaching guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and keys through an innovative performance-based method. And they're learning on real rock stages in front of real rock audiences. Get ready to be impressed.

Flatbroke – The Corpus Christi band Flatbroke says “It’s not just a name; it’s a way of life.” Get your groove on with this rock band with a hint of reggae. It’s all about the beat and not the bills.

The Band Hennessy – The Band Hennessy’s namesake Ashley Hennessy won the 2014 Bay Area Houston Idol singing competition. This group plays loud Southern rock and brings their A-game to every performance.

The Holophonics  - "You guys are like, a real rock band!" said Tiffany at the bar. Releasing four full-length albums and two holiday EPs in just their first year and a half, The Holophonics have a work ethic paralleled by few other bands. They put out their latest album "MaSKArades Vol. 5" on March 25, 2014. It is a tribute to New Jersey legends Saves The Day's 2001 classic "Stay What You Are."

Alvin and the Slickpunks – No, there is not really a member named “Alvin” in this three-piece reggae rock band. But they won’t care if you get drunk and call one of them Alvin. Or will they?

Travel Be - This Southern rock band loves playing music, partying in bars, and entertaining people.

Jimmy Shadeaux & The Steel Toe Soul – This is a working class “riddim & brews” band. What's “riddim & brews?” According to the band's sound, it is a mix of music inspired from classic oldies rock and roll, early ’60s soul, boss reggae, and punk. They play songs of living, heart ache, pride, pitchers, and pints at terrific speeds.

Fear The Poet - Fear the Poet is a quartet that has a nice fusion of jazz, blues, and folk sound and emotional vocals.

Lions May Cry - Lions May Cry is a three-piece rock group hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, and is a combination of powerful drum beats played with unbridled passion, huge melodically driving bass lines and a lead guitar and vocal sound that is hauntingly beautiful. At a live show you will be taken on a musical journey that will leave you wondering what will happen next. Lead guitar solos played straight from the heart, and beautifully seamless musical interludes between songs leave you awestruck.

Rounding out the line-up are the dynamic duos of Reverend Rich and Andy Sobolik, Vicente Casteneda and Dru Watkins, and Sean Guidry and Jesse Hopkins.

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