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Nov 02, 2013 10:43PM ● By Corinne Moore
Samantha Flynn’s artistic endeavors began when her mother took a stained glass class. Upon request of her mother, Flynn said she started assisting with her mom’s first project and showed signs of real talent. According to Flynn, her mom said, “go ahead and take a class.” Flynn’s teacher told her she was a “natural.” Flynn explained the first class project was drawn for each student to teach the foundation of stained glass and to learn proper glass cutting techniques. The second project was free form. “I wanted to get through the first piece and then work on whatever I wanted,” said Flynn.

“It started as a hobby,” Flynn stated and now she creates many commissioned projects between work and finishing college. Flynn shared the process begins with a picture or photograph of the subject and sheets of glass. She draws the pattern on the glass before cutting.

“Glass can only be cut a certain way at the right angle to make the lines,” emphasized Flynn. She said copper foil is used with soldering to put the glass cut-outs together and finally patina, polish and framing.

Completion time for a project varies by size and detail, but most pieces take two weeks to make said Flynn. She added, “If I’m in to it, it’ll be done in a week.”

Having grown up in La Porte and Seabrook, Flynn’s works reflect the Bay Area lifestyle including sailboats and other watercraft. Her favorite piece was created for her aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary and depicts their boat. Flynn said she wanted to capture all the details of the boat by incorporating overlays and sandblasting to show depth, texture and even the detailed railing.

Flynn’s comic book and movie pieces illustrate her passion to “do what no one else has done with stained glass.” The self-professed comic book nerd is especially proud of her Harley and Joker stained glass creation. Flynn said, “It took me two months to finish. It’s so detailed and perfect.” Flynn shared she also made a Star Wars piece of Boba Fett for a friend. “You never see that,” she exclaimed.

Flynn said she enjoys working on something “out there.”

Though she creates what she calls “typical” stained glass art, Flynn said she most likes making “unique and different pieces.”

Hi Puddin Creations is located in League City. For commissioned pieces or to view more works visit

- Kelley Dawson, The SCENE Magazine

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