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From Guts To Glory: Who You Need To Know About Right Now

Sep 05, 2013 09:49PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
It all began in a rented practice room on the third floor in an old beat up four-story warehouse in a shady part of downtown Houston.

Brothers Drew Thomas (guitar, backing vocals) and Aaron Thomas (percussion), along with fellow musician Matt Solo (bass) were writing songs and anticipating the day they could find a singer and a second guitarist. They shared a common dream of performing at big shows, touring, and recording their music. Dreams keep you going even when things don’t go as planned and life happens.

To even have this practice space, the trio had to share it and its cost with another group of musicians. But what seemed like a hindrance had a positive outcome. After a month or so while waiting on their turn to use the room, (seriously) the Thomas brothers and Solo heard a voice piercing through the usual (and unusual) noises that go along with a building of band practice rooms. This voice came from Jeremy Feller, an acquaintance in the building. After a short meeting with Feller, the decision was made to offer him a spot in the group. The excitement grew and From Guts To Glory was born.

Their aggressive alternative rock and roll sound and high energy show has earned them some awesome accolades like winning the Texas Buzz Alternative Band of the Year Award in 2009 and the Texas Buzz Band of the Year in 2010. Unfortunately, through some gross injustice, the band was not nominated in any the Houston Press Awards for 2011. The guys took it all in stride and stayed classy when commenting about it on their Facebook page. From Guts To Glory is the real deal and everyone knows that winning an award (or not) doesn’t change a thing.

Their fans absolutely adore the band.

From Guts To Glory's self-titled debut CD (I-10 Records) received overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s packed with 10 quality songs for your listening pleasure. The first single released was the ballad “Greatest Part of Me.” The track shows one side of the talented musicians. The powerful “Take It Back”, to the raucous anthem “Voice of The South” to the harder sounds of “Drive Me Crazy,” and “The Fight” showcase just what From Guts To Glory have to offer.

The Bay Area based rock band has been busy as of late. Solo spoke with The SCENE Magazine exclusively and said the band has been busy with “a lot of pre-production writing for our next EP and working on videos to keep our fans entertained and interested during our down time.”

Their latest video is for the single “Drive Me Crazy” and was filmed and co-produced by Rick Graham. Check it out below. It’s a fun video and you get a feel for the personalities within the group… And maybe what not to do when picking up a gorgeous woman from a bar…

Solo also said that the newest band member Tony Sorrows (guitars) is in this video and Sorrows has “clicked from the get go.”

From Guts To Glory has “a few secrets and surprises up their sleeves” that Solo says will be announced soon. As for the rest of 2013, the band will be releasing another video and “will hopefully be in the studio knocking out the new EP for an early 2014 release.”

- Rhonda Meredith