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IN VIVID COLOR: Barb Fernandez

Aug 17, 2013 04:28PM ● By Kelley Dawson
After 25 years as a highly successful stylist and color specialist in the hair industry, Barb Fernandez now designs masterpieces of a different sort. Her current specialties are mosaics made of stained glass and eggshells. Fernandez said she is also known for her “impulsive sketches and original paintings in acrylic.” Fernandez initially became interested in learning how to create stained glass while in her late 20s when she was reunited with her birth mother, a stained glass artist.

Fernandez believes her “keen eye of balance and understanding of color” stemming from her years as a stylist greatly prepared her for her current works of art. She retired “from behind the chair” in November 2012 in order to pursue a full-time career as an artist. Her painting "Iraq Sun" was highlighted on the Fall 2011 cover of Chrysalis, a student art publication at San Jacinto College.

“I’m inspired mostly through music, different mediums and the love of color,” stated Fernandez. She said begins a project by drawing out the desired design.  Then, she stated, she “cuts each individual piece of glass from sheets of glass, glues them onto a base one piece at a time, and grouts it all.”

In 2012, Fernandez discovered a chapter titled "Eggshell Mosaic" while reading a book on different mosaic techniques at her mother’s home. “I decided I would try it until I got my own technique, and that's what I did,” she said. Fernandez explained she starts with raw eggs cracked in half and cleaned. The eggshells are painted with acrylic. Then, much like the glass mosaic technique, she paints a design, applies the pre-painted eggshells with glue and seals with a protective lacquer. She joked, “Yes, we like omelets and breakfast tacos at our house, and I have fabulous friends who also save their eggshells for the cause.”

Many of her beach-themed works seem almost lyrical as if they captured the Jimmy Buffett tune that Fernandez was no doubt listening to as she created the lively seascapes and sunsets. Her pieces are vibrant and intriguing. They evoke a genuine smile and therefore a change in attitude (or maybe latitude).

Though much of her design inspiration comes from “parrot head” music, Fernandez creates a variety of images and themes. “I appreciate the challenge of custom orders and will always strive to exceed any expectations,” she said.

Barb Fernandez creations are currently on display in Seabrook at the Seabrook Waffle Company and the 2nd Street Gallery. Her works can also be viewed the first Friday evening of each month at Art Walk by the Bay in historical downtown La Porte. Her art will again be featured during the month of October at Mainly Drinks in La Porte.

For more info on Barb Fernandez shows and her works of art, visit or email her at [email protected]