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Soul In Tension: Who You Need To Know About Right Now

May 05, 2013 03:10PM ● By Corinne Moore
Since officially forming in January 2011, local alternative rock band Soul In Tension has shared the stage with national acts Saliva, Smile Empty Soul, Hurt, Trapt, again with Saliva, 10 Years, The Hunger, Parabelle, and will be onstage with Saliva once again coming up on May 11 at Scout Bar.

Soul In Tension is comprised of Jacob Kitchens (vocals), Mike Carroll (guitar, vocals), Alex Robertson (bass, vocals), Jay Kane (guitar, vocals), and Will Rollz (drums). Kitchens and Carroll grew up in Dickinson, while Kane and Rollz hail from League City. Robertson is from Chicago, but the Bay Area is friendly enough to call him one of our own.

Soul In Tension has performed at Cabo and Scout Bar in the Bay Area and several major venues in Houston. They currently have an EP out titled “The Finisher.” A full-length album may be completed in 2013, but there is no rush. The popular band has gained a loyal following by releasing singles as they are recorded and getting them into the hands of fans as quickly as possible. Their latest single is called “One Request.” It’s a hard-hitting melodic rock song that is already a fan favorite that's available to be downloaded FREE on Soul In Tension’s Reverb Nation page.

“‘One Request’ is actually a song that we started to write and completely forgot about for almost a year,” said Kitchens. “We decided to finish it because it just felt right… I can't tell you how many times I've been told I CAN’T do something, or that I’ll never be good enough. Well this song tells YOU that you CAN. If we put our heart and soul into something we love, there is no telling what we can accomplish." Robertson adds, “I believe that it really showcases the modern sound that we are just starting to develop, and it has very strong lyrics with a catchy guitar riff that is sure to get stuck in your head!”

The terms “very energetic” and “original” come to mind when describing Soul In Tension’s live shows. “Our show is full of high energy,” said Kitchens. “From jumping off walls to crowd surfing, we aim to please the crowd, and we do whatever it takes to make sure you enjoyed yourself. No stupid props or glam. Just raw music and the love of entertaining.” Robertson concurs, “I would say that if you came to watch a show, it would definitely make you want to see us again. You will have the time of your life!”

Soul In Tension spends a lot of time perfecting their music in hopes of bringing their fans something they can truly enjoy, identify with and share with their friends. “The way we put our music together and the dynamics of the band are essential to the sound of Soul In Tension. Each member plays a special role in the writing and structuring process,” said Carroll. “Our practices are usually pretty amazing to attend for that reason alone.”

“A lot of our music starts with a riff or two and together as a band we all give input until the songs structure is complete,” said Kitchens. “This makes sure we all have a part in the music, and then the lyrics follow. The whole band will give a few ideas to tweak them, so they ‘SIT’ just right.”

“And once everyone thinks a song is at its fullest potential, we finalize it,” adds Robertson.

Soul In Tension’s next show is with Saliva on Saturday, May 11 at Scout Bar in Webster. Discounted tickets are available through the band. Visit Soul In Tension on Facebook for more information or

“We urge everyone to look us up on Facebook,” said Kitchens. “We always love hearing from everyone through messages and comments. It allows the whole band the opportunity to write and chat with our supporters.” While at the show, purchase your copy of “The Finisher,” and be sure to check out the debut of new merchandise.

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