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TOOKIE'S: Decades of Proven Customer Satisfaction

May 03, 2013 04:44PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
A good burger experience goes beyond a beef and bun and fries and a drink. It includes the atmosphere and customer service as well. If you are searching for a great burger experience (also known as the perfect meal), then Tookie’s is the place to go.

Tookie’s, located at 1202 Bayport Blvd in Seabrook (Highway 146 and Third Street), has a strong love for the hamburger. In 1975, the original Tookie’s opened and quickly set the standard for this mouth-watering entrée. For many, many years, Tookie’s patrons savored the flavors of the area’s best hamburger dishes while relaxing among the vintage signs and wood paneling adorning the walls, as well as the establishment’s signature green and yellow colors.

Life was tasty.

Then on September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike struck the coastal regions of Texas with no mercy. Tookie’s had more than 5 feet of flood-water damage and became one of Ike’s many casualties. To area residents, it was like losing a family member. Local businessman and restaurateur Barry Terrell eventually purchased Tookie’s and along with his manager Ali Velasco leading the charge to remodel, every effort to make sure ever detail was in order to ensure that Tookie’s was restored back to its former greatness.

After four months of difficult renovations, Tookie’s re-opened in August 2011, almost to the same day it had originally opened back in 1975. The end result to keep the original Tookie’s spirit alive was achieved. There was a familiar feel to the renewed restaurant with some modern touches, a completely new kitchen, larger restrooms, added patio dining in the back of the restaurant and a full bar. The original parts and the new parts are all intertwined to bring Tookie’s back to life at the request of the community that loved it so. Remember as you are being seated to look at a water line (courtesy of Ike) that is still visible on a front window.

So much has changed in the world in the past 38 years, but thankfully some things have stayed the same.

Tookie’s super-sized Certified Angus beef patties are still made fresh daily, the fresh-cut produce is locally grown, and their classic menu has something for everyone based on decades of proven customer satisfaction.At the heart of Tookie’s menu are the original recipes that have remained intact throughout the years.

Nothing satisfies like a well-made hamburger, and Tookie’s “veteran” burgers will do just that in half-pound and one-pound versions with or without cheese. The specialty burgers or “creations” sit deliciously at the intersection of old-fashioned familiarity and gourmet excellence. Most notable are the #99 (The Champion) burger whose patty is marinated in wine, cheddar cheese, onions, and spices; the Bean Burger that is moderately hot with a base of refried beans, crushed Fritos, and Pace picante sauce; and the highly requested Squealer (Blissful) burger that has bacon blended into the meat. Of course, there is a turkey burger that is delicious, too.

New on the menu are the homemade chili and savory cheese sauce that can be added to practically any item. General Manager Jeff Sauerwein says to "try it on the French fries!”

Nothing tops off a good meal like one of Tookie’s creamy old-fashioned milkshakes. They are absolutely delicious!

Taking a tour of the rest of the menu is no less impressive. Tookie’s offers some “oh so good” appetizers with cool names like “Bombshell,” “Pelican Eggs,” and “Supa Dupa Chalupa.” If you want “somethin’ else,” try a sandwich with grilled chicken (also in a salad form), chicken fried steak or fish. Kids have plenty of options on their menu, too.

Tookie’s has a couple of house drinks that should be mentioned right about now, the Tookie’s Tornado and Tookie’s T-some. Speaking of Happy Hour, it’s Mondays to Fridays from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

To this day, the casual, fun family environment creates a vibe that makes Tookie’s a home away from home. Multiple generations enjoy the old fashioned vanilla Cokes and cherry Cokes. The décor is creative with cool and heartfelt vintage-looking signs that make the time pass by quickly while you wait for your appetizer or main order to arrive. Tookie’s is beloved by Seabrook and the rest of the Bay Area. Life is tasty!

Tookie’s operating hours are Sundays to Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Visit their website at or call 281-942-9334 to place a to-go order.

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