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SCENE Gritty Goddess Team

Apr 10, 2013 04:11AM ● By Corinne Moore
The SCENE Dirty Divas -- the Official Team for the SCENE Magazine -- at the Gritty Goddess event on May 4 are ready to hit the dirt and get gritty!! Head out to the ladies-only obstacle course at Moody Gardens to cheer on these mothers, daughters, friends, neighbors and all round great gals as they participate in this dirty 5K.

Be sure to to congratulate or wish luck to our awesome participants! Below is our official roster for the spring 2013 event. For more information on this fun event, visit

~ Betsey Ennis - Team Founder & Co-Captain

May 4 SCENE Dirty Divas Roster Laurie Dahse - Team Co-Captain Tianne Bernal Tammy Cespedes Stacy Ransom Holly Duncan-Marquis Sabrina Duncan Brandi Pascavage Crystalyn Evard Satterria Woods Carrie Taylor Amanda Carlton Connie Mack Jane Head Meredith Welsh Charity Tony Alicia Cook Rhonda Webster Tara Webster Andrea Berrondo Erica Godfrey Lindsey Carlblom Angie Pace Carmen Bates -  Photographer


Why get Gritty? We asked some of our ladies to tell us!

Why am I running? Because over the last seven months I have lost 50 pounds through diet and working out. And these 5K's are a fun way for me to exercise. Seven months ago, I was out of breath going up a flight of stairs. Now I run for the fun of it!! And I love my girlfriends – old and new – who run with me.

~Stacy Ransom, SCENE Dirty Diva


Why did I want to do the Gritty Goddess? 8 months ago, I stepped on the scale and was disgusted. I weighed more than I had when I was 9 months pregnant in any of my 4 pregnancies. I made a vow then to myself to lose weight & get healthy. With resolve and determination, I joined a gym and started working out. I met some of the most fabulous and inspiring instructors in the classes offered, and now nearly 40 pounds lighter, I feel I have the strength and determination to be able to participate in an obstacle run of this nature. (Plus ,it's too much fun playing in the mud!) Why THIS team? As I mentioned before, one of those fabulous and inspiring & motivating instructors that I met was Laurie Dahse, and I CAN'T WAIT to tackle this next step with her by my side, cheering me on like I know she will! Thanks Laurie, I couldn't stay motivated without you! ♥

~Brandi Pascavage, SCENE Dirty Diva


I wanted to do the Gritty Goddess because I wanted to challenge myself and my body. I am currently on a healthy path and this is giving me a goal and I know I will have a sense of accomplishment when I finish! Of course, not to mention, Not to mention I heard it is a lot of fun and I will get to meet some great people!

~Tianne Bernal, SCENE Dirty Diva


The draw for me to this activity was threefold. 1) It benefits several worthwhile charities; 2)it's not just a long run or walk; 3) and is only for women. Being a pediatric nurse the last 25 years has given me a passion for children’s charities in particular. When I saw one of the charities this run benefits is The Rainbow Connection – a summer camp program for children with cancer and blood disorders and their siblings – I was hooked. I am in graduate school and working full-time, so I was not able to volunteer a whole week as a nurse for summer camp this year as I usually do. So this one-day activity is a way for me to give despite my busy schedule. Participating in Gritty Goddess with The SCENE Dirty Divas team – a group of positive, active, confident women – was a wonderful plus. There is no down side to a day of fun, friendship, and giving.

~ Jane Head, SCENE Dirty Diva


I wanted to do it because it sounded like a blast, and I wasn't able to do it last year. I mean,  who doesn't want to get dirty!?

~ Crystalyn Evard, SCENE Dirty Diva


Doing it with my sister (Holly Duncan-Marquis)! We have never done anything like this before! So I thought, "Let's give it a try!" I'm also hoping it will get me motivated to get back into shape. This past year, I have added a little too much "because I am happy weight." Now I am ready to get back down a couple sizes and thought this will help me. It looks like a blast to do with my sister (who promised not to leave me in the mud)! What a great way to have fun in the mud! Let's see what I can do! FUN! FUN!

~ Tammy Cespedes, SCENE Dirty Diva


I wanted to do it because it sounded fun! I mainly wanted to get myself motivated. And what better way to do it, than a spiritual mud bath?! I will get gritty with the memories of some lost loved ones and become the healthier version I know they want me to be. I have many steps to take, but this is the beginning of a new healthier life. And I get to participate with my sissy Tammy Cespedes. I am excited, and looking forward to being gritty!

~ Holly Duncan-Marquis, SCENE Dirty Diva


I have always wanted to do a mud run and to finally have the opportunity to tackle this with all the other amazing woman doing it. It is going to be AWESOME!

~ Erica Godfrey, SCENE Dirty Diva


About 2.5 years ago, after a couple life events, I felt like I was woken up from a dream and was starting my life over again at 33 years old. I saw things in a whole new light, and now live by life by two mantras:  (1) Live fearlessly, and (2) if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. So when I was approached to do this race three days prior, I put both mantras into play. This will be my first mud run, and very much looking forward to meeting some new lovely ladies, playing in the dirt, all for a good cause!

~ Lindsey Carlblom, SCENE Dirty Diva

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