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Get out, Enjoy some sun! Stay Hydrated

Feb 17, 2013 12:37AM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
Howdy Fitness Freaks!  With March comes the official beginning of bikini season, let the games begin!  Now don't let that statement drive you crazy, here's some food for thought!  Getting adequate sunlight helps your body synthesize Vitamin D, which is tied to many processes in your physiology, one very important process being thyroid function.  The thyroid is a gland that secretes many hormones, several of which are tied to metabolism.  Many people through the winter months, or if you rarely go out in the sunlight develop Vitamin D deficiencies, and eventually Hypothyroidism.  This means your thyroid slows down,which slows down your metabolism.

With Hypothyroidism, you can become emotional or lethargic, your bones can become brittle, and you can put on fat easily.  You'll find you don't have to visit WebMD to learn what will help you, the simplest solution is to get out there in the sun!  Just 20 minutes per day can improve your Vitamin D production profoundly.   Many doctors recommend taking a Vitamin D supplement to help speed the recovery of the deficiency, but that's something you should speak with your physician about. After a few weeks, if you are producing Vitamin D properly, you'll notice that you may drop those last few pounds you were dreading the world seeing! A secondary bonus is that even a mild tan makes you look healthier and leaner.

Another point overlooked as the weather warms up is hydration.  Get that water in you! An exercising adult needs one ounce per pound of bodyweight to assist with fat loss and keep safely hydrated.  By the time you feel thirsty, you are about a quart low on water.  When you feel your tongue dry out, almost a half gallon low!

When I have my clients increase their water intake, they often complain of practically living in the bathroom afterwards. This is only temporary, since your body has to grow accustomed to getting higher levels of fluid in it.  After approximately 2 weeks, you'll find you don't have to run to the bathroom as often.

Remember, get in the sun and keep that water bottle handy and you'll be ready to have a great time this bikini season. Get that water in and go sun them buns!

Oh, and GET IN THE GYM!!! – Rick Hunter

Rick Hunter is a personal trainer and founder of founder of MEathead's Fitness.  After being an Occupational Therapy practitioner for 10 years, Rick decided to turn his focus into the preventative side of medicine. Since 2001, he has helped transform lives in various settings and worked with various athletes ranging from wanting to look better in clothes to figure/fitness competitors to elite martial artists to powerlifters. He has used NASM (PES and SFS) and IFPA National Certifications, and is studying the Anatomy Trains system to master postural correction. Find Rick at 713-459-3427 or on Facebook.