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Dykes On Bykes: Who You Need To Know About, Right Now!

Jan 11, 2013 01:01AM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
Dykes On Bykes is a Bay Area high speed rock and roll band comprised of members who have a fondness for Lone Star Beer, hot rods, motorcycles, and a passion for music. 2012 was a break out year for Dykes On Bykes as they opened up for Reverend Horton Heat during the inaugural year of Ratstock, as well as Public Image Ltd. at Scout Bar, became sponsored by Lone Star Beer, and released an album. The band was recently bestowed with the 2012 Best Punk/Hardcore/Indie Band of the Year award from the 94.5 Texas Buzz show.

Deserving of the accepted award are members Matt Fuentes (guitars, vocals,) Farrell Jeppesen (guitar,) Derrick Mauk (bass,) and Brad Corona (drums.) Dykes On Bykes has been around for about five years with the current line-up having been together 2.5 years.

“We started VERY small, practicing in friends' garages, and taking every opportunity to play. Originally, our performances were all about seeing how loud we could be and how many people we could piss off,” said drummer Brad Corona. “Swinging from rafters and setting things on fire were pretty normal. Since then, I really feel like we’ve developed our own style. Not much has changed on stage, but we take a lot of pride in our music.”

The band’s unique and catchy name came about when Jeppesen and Fuentes were working on Jeppesen’s 1930’s Ford. “A bunch of lesbians on motorcycles drove by and everyone said ‘What the hell? Dykes on bikes? That would make a hell of a band name!’” said Corona. “Later on when we all got together, it was an easy decision. Most people don’t realize, until they’ve seen us perform, that we aren’t women or lesbians. But we love women all the same!”

Dykes On Bykes has spent the past couple of years building a solid fan base. “We are very grateful to all of our fans, friends and family for all the support they have shown us in the past few years.  It’s pretty damn cool to see so many people come out and support wearing your band’s shirt. We wouldn’t get anywhere if it weren’t for our amazing fans,” said Corona.

As far as receiving the Buzz award, Corona said, “We were nominated last year in the same category and for best new band, but we were definitely surprised to get the win. Our music isn’t exactly radio friendly so it’s pretty bad ass to get that recognition from The Buzz, especially when you’re up against so many talented musicians. Scout Bar has helped us out tremendously by giving us the opportunity to play in front of some awesome crowds.”

Corona goes on to say, “The best part to me is having the honor of working with all the great musicians in the area, the national acts from all over, and hanging out with like-minded people who share the same passion for rock and roll.”

“And the worst part is the broken equipment. We are collecting a pile of destroyed guitars, pedals and PA speakers,” said guitarist Jeppesen.

All in all, the “like-minded people” reference is a good way to describe the inner workings of Dykes On Bykes. The guys are local and live in the Seabrook, League City, Webster and Pasadena areas. The musicians balance full-time jobs, and building and fabricating hot rods and motorcycles for pleasure.

“It’s the inspiration from that lifestyle that is the basis for our music,” said Corona. “We don’t stick to any format. If it makes you want to haul ass or break sh#t; we run with it. The performance is all about having a good time, drinking Lone Star Beer and going home covered in it.”

“It’s a ‘live fast’ lifestyle,” said Jeppesen. “Great men live dangerously; small men don't take chances... Found that on a fortune cookie!”

Dykes On Bykes released their first album “Your Mom Likes My Byke” in mid-2012. “A big thanks goes out to Big Door Studios, Edwin Goldman, and Roland Belmarez,” said Corona. “It’s available at iTunes and Amazon, but we’d much rather you come party with the Dykes and come get one from us!” The band also had the opportunity to work with local musician Chris Hardy on the “Will Play For Food” compilation album. “All of the proceeds went to the Houston food bank to feed the hungry. We are always excited to give back to our community.”

2013 is going to be busy. “We’re planning on heading out to Arizona to play some supporting shows with the Moonlight Howlers whose management company is helping us to branch out to that area,” said Corona. "And we are taking some time to finish up some new ideas and music and starting to work on a new album that we hope to have out sometime later this year.”

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