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Featured Bartender: Lindsay @ Fatty’s

Jan 05, 2013 01:12AM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF

LINDSAY at Fatty's 1717 2nd St in Seabrook

One, two, three… The bubbly blonde has over three and a half years of bartending experience and has been at Fatty’s since August.

Her signature drink to make is - Sex With An Alligator. (They say once you go alligator… Never mind!) This tasty beverage has a fruity flavor made with a melon flavored liqueur, Razzamatazz on the bottom, Jägermeister on the top, and a splash of pineapple juice.

A Red Raider at heart! Lindsay was living in Lubbock and pursuing a business marketing degree from Texas Tech. And now, with only a year left, she is considering finishing her degree at University of Houston.

No to snow! The La Porte native is happier with beach weather rather than cold, snowy weather.

She prefers movies over books. Lindsay doesn’t like scary movies and recommends seeing “Django Unchained” even though it is a little long.

Must love dogs! When not at work, she regularly takes all three of her dachshunds to the dog park.

Are dogs better than men? She smiles and says “Well, they don’t talk back!”

Yellow may be her favorite color, but… Lindsay predicts the Houston Texans will take their “Battle Red” far into the playoffs.

It’s a new year - Lindsay won’t be missing 2012 and resolves to have more fun, have peace, and live simply in 2013.

Some of her favorite music is from: Norah Jones, Linkin Park, Jack Jonson, and Michael Buble.

You may not know… She loves seafood and scrapbooking!

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