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ENERGIZER THA DJ: Keeping Diverse Music Lovers Entertained

Jan 02, 2013 12:37PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
There is something very special about ENERGIZER THA DJ. The hardworking and talented DJ has appeared on Master of The Mix (Season 2) on BET/Centric Networks, My Sweet Sixteen on MTV, Basketball Wives of L.A. on VH1, and has opened for the certified Platinum and Gold American rapper and recording artist Lil Wayne. In fact, ENERGIZER THA DJ convinced Lil Wayne and fellow rapper Swiss Beatz to perform as he DJ’d the performance at Beyonce’s little sister Solange’s birthday party.

ENERGIZER THA DJ makes multiple monthly appearances at Pier 27 Tavern on 3202 Marina Bay Drive in South Shore Harbour. “The crowd at Pier 27 Tavern is a very diverse crowd. My first night at Pier 27, I recall playing at least six genres of music! In my craft, it has helped me appreciate a place like Pier 27 because you never know what exactly you’re going to get. The crowd loves their music! As a DJ, you couldn't ask for a better situation.... They are diverse music lovers.”

The Houston native graduated from Willowridge High School in 2001 and Texas Southern University in 2005. He has been DJ’ing for eight years now. “I literally picked up the basic concepts of DJ’ing from watching and observing DJ’s through the years. I bought a pair of turntables, mixer, and vinyl then I practiced until I felt comfortable.”

This image was published in The SCENE magazine.The charismatic DJ has earned the honor of being’s “DJ of The Year” and has performed at venues in major cities like Hollywood, Miami, Orlando, Springfield, Charlotte, New York, Chicago, DC, Las Vegas, all over Louisiana, and has sold out crowds all throughout the Southeast Texas region. ENERGIZER THA DJ has created over 50 mix tapes and owns a highly extensive music collection of mp3’s and a quantity of “a good 1,000 vinyl records.” He doesn’t specifically favor any one particular artist because it’s the “actual energy that comes from the records” that matters.

It may appear that DJ’ing is simple. You just get up and spin a few records, right? “For the most part it may look easy, but DJ’ing is highly demanding, even with the most fundamental skill set. There's a certain level of focus and concentration that's involved in the craft and I'm real big on moods and energy, so it's imperative that I'm in a good place (mentally) while entertaining others! The best part of the job is being able to express yourself through music.”

ENERGIZER THA DJ has stood apart from the crowd with his drive to succeed in his craft. He takes advantage of the technology available and his “set up” is basically “an industry standard” with “a few secret weapons” that make him “stand out sonically” and “trademark his brand.”

“I just love mixing & remixing records live. To stay on top you have to practice, study, and practice more. You must perform and execute like it’s your last time and don't fear the competition because great athletes make other great athletes better. It’s the same with DJ’ing.”

His positive outlook is essential to live the life he strives to lead. “Just be the best ‘you’ that you can be.

Love yourself and respect others.... Cherish what they have to offer and all the knowledge that can be gained. Always bring something to the table so that others can learn from you. You don't have to know where the stairs will end for you to take the next step! This is how I see life as ever changing and forever evolving into new twists, turns, and probabilities.”

The New Year is shaping up to be another anthem year with appearances in Hollywood and Puerto Rico coming up, All-Star weekend in Houston, the Super Bowl in New Orleans, and heading back overseas! ENERGIZER THA DJ stays busy heading up his business Eardrum Productions/ Go DJ Music Group as well.

Catch ENERGIZER THA DJ locally at Pier 27 Tavern. “I love the whole Pier 27 crew. They treat me like family and love my art and craft. Their high expectations in me as an artist make me strive to be a better DJ every time I perform. Shun, Bobbie, Q, and the bartenders show me so much love. It’s humbling, motivating, and inspiring.”

Check out The SCENE Magazine for Pier 27 Tavern’s entertainment schedule. For more information on ENERGIZER THA DJ, connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or via email at [email protected]