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Family Force 5 to Krunk-Rock the Kemah Boardwalk Tuesday, July 31 

Jul 17, 2012 05:28PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
On July 31, as part of the Boomin' by the Bay Concert Series brought to you by KSBJ, Family Force 5 (FF5) will be “krunk-rocking” the Kemah Boardwalk with their unique blend of southern-fried dance music. Solomon "Soul Glow Activatur" Olds, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Family Force 5 (Tooth & Nail Records) spoke with The SCENE Magazine about their new records, zombies, and coming to Kemah.

Last October, the band released a full-length album called “III” and in May, they followed up with an EP titled “III.V.” Olds said, “Fans do not want to wait years to hear a band’s new music. We want to give them fresh music as we record it.” The philosophy has been successful. Two singles from “III” have emerged from the rest of the album’s songs. “Wobble” is a parody to a certain current party song bearing the same name. “Paycheck” is a personal favorite that is a bit slower and more serious song with lyrics reflecting the state of those trying to work and survive. On “III.V,” the band introduced three new songs and added three acoustic versions of past fan favorites. The EP is full of standout tunes. “Kountry Gentlemen,” “Superhero,” and “Zombie” are most notable.

In fact, when FF5 announced a $10,000 kickstarter campaign to raise funds for fans to produce the video for their song “Zombie,” their devoted fans raised almost $28,000! Fans who contributed were able to take part in the video as zombie characters and their names appeared in the credits. “When I walked into the warehouse where we were filming and saw how much care our fans were taking in dressing and looking the part, I wanted to cry,” Olds said. “Our fans are the best.”

FF5 has never performed at the Kemah Boardwalk before, but are looking forward to the date. At the beginning of July, they were in the DFW area filming a video for the “Cray Song.” Olds says the band’s favorite thing to do is be creative and performing for their fans. FF5 also makes it a point to be accessible to all whether through social media or after a concert.

Family Force 5 hails from Georgia and is made up of brothers Jacob, Joshua, and Solomon Olds, and “brothers-from-other-mothers” Nathan Currin, and Derek Mount. Check them out on Facebook and For more information on the Kemah Boardwalk, go to

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