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Loosenotes - June 2012

Jun 03, 2012 05:11PM ● By Andy Eng
Big things went down in a big way during the month of May --

A QUIET STORM SEASON... -- Is our forecast this year and Patio Season Is in full swing everywhere. Sea breezes, perfect munchies, and good times are in abundant supply and we spot checked a few with you Folks taking in the Guacamole Gods, David Schwope, The Last House on the Left (a "super" swamp rock group new on The SCENE), and Wood & Wind at Jackie's Brickhouse, Crazy Alan's Swampshack, T-Bone Tom's and Cockeyed Seagull. Score yourself a copy of the SCENE for a run down of all the patio hangouts we've got. New to the patio scene this month is...

ONE OF THE BEST NATURAL REVERBS GOING - And that would be, believe it or not, at Scout Bar. That's right... Chris Hardy, Thomas and the entire gang have created one of the most village'esque (a new word we invented) patios happening. This month, the village put down the "Will Play For Food", a creative result of starving artists collaborating together to help starving people and the Houston Food Bank. Their goal, "to awaken the human spirit through their gift of music", be it through "a beautiful whisper of poetry or a vulgar shout of profanity" asks simply for all of us to share their compassion with a random act of kindness today. We're in... In addition to the abundant power rock on the indoor stage was nonstop acoustic performances, vendor booths and chow in the cavernous and monsoon proof courtyard patio. Folks, this place is a sonic gem, where music lovers can absorb tones & ambience that we're sure Seattle, Red Rocks, and Austin would find hard to match. We've been to each... We know...

ON GOOD MOJO - A couple great benefits went down this last month and from what we sampled, the caring spirit is alive and well in the area. Good on everybody! Courtney, Christine, Mark and the good folks at Cockeyed Seagull had a fantastic live music line up for the Jeff Price fundraiser. This happy flock on Egret Bay simply has it together when it comes to pulling off these events--If you're not a regular at the Seagull, you should be. Jackie's Brickhouse stepped up to the call and hosted a *huge* fundraising turnout for Tassie Campbell this last month. The level of love & giving was not not bronze, platinum or even gold, rather into the realm of "Clear Lake Utmost" -- We call this the *best*...

WHERE TONE MEETS TASTE - Every so often, we must give our feet a rest taking it inside to dine & recharge. Tis necessary the way we run out on the beat... This month, we did just that a Signature Bistro and Amadeus, two of the many fine dinning stops on the SCENE and enjoyed delectable dill dressing over humungous chunks of crab meat along with marinaded mixed greens, slap-your-face ripened tomatoes and an avocado somewhere under it all--Just as good were the chops seared to perfection! Add to the air David Schwope Open Mic Acoustic Night and Abel Salazar's medley of greatest dance hits, you have the perfect ingredients to mellow and unwind. Guest performers with David and Abel this month included included Roger Wayne Bailey, Rick Valente, Hank Wolff, Luigi de Simone, Christine Kelly Gietzen and many many more. Watching the audience, all the above was good for you -- It was good for us too!

THE 146 CORRIDOR -- Will be finished someday and in case you didn't know, up and down the corridor are roads leading to some of the best hangouts and music genres our region offers, called "Honky Tonk". This stuff transcends generations, classes, borders and took stage at Jackie's Brickhouse this month for the audition of Renee King & The Honky Tonk Queens. We spotted music lovers from over the years and all over the region enjoying this talent show throw down. Brenda Guy, Chelsey Hood, Shaye Glisson and Tina Allen were the four selected Queens and the runner up talent soooooo amazing, Renee and the Judges are rewriting the format to showcase the exceptional runner ups -- Twas *that* good! Folks, this was clearly a day and event where the music won but then, it always did...

TOUR STOP CLEAR LAKE - Gave us a chance to follow up on two national touring acts, In This Moment and Local H. Last time Maria Brink was on stage here, she shared her difficulties having just lost a close & personal someone -- We knew a follow up would be appropriate and WOW, did she and this hard working Southern California band deliver with a vengeance! Hard hitting and connecting all night long, the loyal local following from all across Houston got it good... We caught Local H at the start of their nationwide tour a few months ago and admit our intrigue with arguably the LOUDEST two piece act on the planet, and so we followed up on their 10 year Anniversary Tour. Add crisp and tight to loud while you're at it cuz Scott Lucas & Brian St. Claire (guitar/vocals & drums) had that too. Halfway through the show, we noticed the FOH operator away from the desk wandering amidst the crowd, something we rarely see. This kept on a while and nobody noticed -- Local H, has a stage presence you won't often experience. Straight in your face, to the limits, and in control. And *that* folks is Tour Stop Clear Lake... Cheers!

MARK TWAIN, MEAN GENE KELTON, ANDY UPCHURCH & MARC BORDE - All have something in common that's not exactly music but the gift of literary pen. "Gig's From Hell, and It's All True" from Mean Gene (and available on Amazon) strikes a down-to-earth witty matter of factness Twain would enjoy. Marc Borde (retired piping designer who gets to gigs via sail boat) is wrapping up his first literary pursuit, in video production, and should be amongst the 21st Century avant garde. Riders in the area will dig this--Andy Upchurch decides one day to hop on his jet ski named the "Scalded Hawg" for a ride down to Port Aransas. Can't imagine? His complete story and many others will be out this coming month! Three musicians and a North American literary icon--They might not be musical harmony but their down-to-earth wit of the real world and zest for living are "in-tune". Check it out!

OVER THE TOP - Goes to the 10th Annual Oleanders, the blowout party for musicians and music lovers... If there's any doubt musicians can't get down and have fun, ditch it. Time In The Bottle lit things off followed by Frank Landry (who just finished telling his brain cancer guests to get lost) and his throw down cast of All Stars. Cheers! Andy and the Dreamsicles pulled off a bunch of surprises with guest appearances by James Brown, Andrey Seville and Ted Hawley on vocals and Don Bonner on sax. Holy Friggin' Moly! Where does Andy find all these cool cats?!?!?! What Is Hip raised the heat all afternoon long (sweat *is* good) and Funksion brought it all home with a splendid Donna Summers tribute by Frankie Halima Thomas. My predecessor, Jim Shortt taught us how to recognize "Bravo" worthy performances -- Frankie, Michael, Fred & all of Funksion score one here!

800% ANNUAL GROWTH - Is an impressive number our Director of Growth and Development would appreciate and exactly what Steve and the League City Lion's Club pulled off with their 2nd Safari Run at the League City Village Fair. With a registered turnout growing from 70 to over a thousand participants, we couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. SCENE readers tell us they like our capture of expressive moments and the "mudders" (those whom tromp through mud) provide plenty of just that for which we say -- Live hard, live well, live well, be well, be well, be The SCENE! See ya out there!