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Mar 01, 2012 08:15PM ● By Kelley Dawson
Diligently painting four to six hours a day for the last ten years, Artist Chris Morphis, has kept positive artistic energy flowing. He full-heartedly believes that same energy manifests into positive results. “Like attracts like” according to the Law of Attraction. For Chris, his undaunting dedication produced abundant success.

Chris began drawing at a young age and used art as an outlet during his teen years.  Graffiti and airbrushing became his main interests before moving to oil and acrylic painting. Chris’ oil paintings are rich in colors and textures. His works such as “Calm Before the Storm” about Hurricane Ike and “Falling in Love” are haunting and the images stay with you after your eyes no longer peer into the paintings.

Chris had big visions to make art for a living and to continue to have fun. His strong belief in the Law of Attraction and use of meditation allowed big ideas to become a reality. He found a niche in painting to live music. It first started at his home studio.  Chris listened to the music of Tool and painted abstractly without thinking. Not long after, he heard the band Sun Salutations at Texas Hippie Connection. Inspired by their music, Chris asked to paint with them. The band agreed it was a “cool idea.” Chris sold his first live music painting that same night and the requests for more shows poured in.

“The music takes control in my head”, explained Chris. He said the venue, the crowd and the band all contribute to the images he paints during a show. Chris admitted he sometimes doesn’t know what the paintings mean until he views them the next day. The live-show paintings illustrate the energy of the show with great detail.  The use of acrylic paint allows multiple colors and layers since it dries fast.  The paintings reflect the depth and complexity of the music and attract and hold attention as much as a live band.

Perpetuating the positive theory, Chris partnered up with other “like-minded” believers and the Morphis Art Collective was soon formed. Chris said, “it all came together.”  The group includes Josh Kufahl, Chad Tolentino, and Heidi Kreeger; each bringing a different talent to the collective from organizational and marketing skills to knowing how to run a business. One of the collective’s mantras is Peace, Love, and Success. “What you think about most, you attract in your life,” is hand-written on a napkin that hangs the studio’s “focus board” as a daily reminder. Chris and his collective don’t just try this philosophy, they succeed with it. Their first step to success was meeting and meditating together. They offered advise and listened to each other. The collective put out in the world what they sought after.

Together they broadened the search and they reached for their goals by opening doors to other artists, musicians and opportunities. Morphis Art’s success can also be attributed to trust and unselfishness among the group. Plus, they are all dedicated to inspiring everyone through art and spreading positive energy.  Visit for upcoming live music events and to view the art gallery. IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD!