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Loosenotes - January 2012

Jan 06, 2012 09:09PM ● By Andy Eng

We hope everybody had a safe and joyous Holiday Season, took care of your loose ends in 2011, and ready for what pundits predict should be a doozie of a 2012. Whatever your goals and challenges be for the New Year, we wish you the best -- And hope it includes catching you out there out on The SCENE. Before we do...

OUT WITH A BANG - went December and we lit the fuse with the Annual Toys for Tots Pub Krawl. The fun started at T-Bone Tom's with Wood & Wind on stage before the hordes of merry mongers headed off to Crazy Al's Swampshack, Zone 504 shaking things up Andy & The Dreamsicles, and finally roosting at Bakkhus Taverna. The food and fun at each was tops and the quality of toys donated at this annual lighthouse District event was up a notch with some really good stuff going to area youngsters needing a shot in the arm. Thanks to all the Krawlers!!

TWAS THE SEASON -- Cheers to the Bay Area Houston's Ballet & Theater Company for flat out amazing our lenses and delighting our souls with their sold out presentations of The Nutcracker. Guest artists, Ms. Lorna Feijoo & Mr. Nelson Madrigal provided us world class performances and the BAHBT local cast of dancers, actors, crew, directors & producers were nothing short of utmost. Wanna catch something seriously cool? BAHBT's got it... While in the "way back" mode, we jaunted down to Galveston joining up with locals and visitors from across the nation at the annual Dickens On the Strand. Ever been? There's simply something magical when stepping into the past that never gets old...

NEW STOP ON THE BEAT - And that be Fatty's on the southeast corner of NASA Road One and 146. This place qualifies as SCENE Party Ready with a spacious upstairs loft, super staff, huge bar, plenty of games, a great deck and grand opened with a full house and none other than Madigan on stage--Speaking of new, we got to hear the band with their two new additions, Jeremy Walton (Bass/vocals) and Mike McCulloch (Keyboard/vocals) providing depth and dimensions furthering an already dynamic and dazzling experience. 2012 should be a great year for both Madigan and Fatty's. Stay tuned!

THE WEATHER INSIDE IS AWESOME - Said the sign at the Roadhouse 146 so we stopped in. Good move if you did. We caught Shaun Michael, minstrel balladeer, soloing on stage nicely with he, his guitar and voice. Soloists simply have it all together... Further up the road and under the Palapa, the Guacamole Gods keep things warm on a crispy Kemah night. The Lighthouse might have a noise ordnance but be assured, the Guacamole Gods don't make noise, they make music, and some tasty stuff at that.

MIGRATION & ACOUSTIC THURSDAY - Up and down the Egret Bay this time of year, the peaceful waters host a variety of Dragon Boat practice sessions and flocks of visitors from across North America. Inside where it's warmer, local listeners catch open mic performers and unplugged alternative indie rock at the Cockeyed Seagull and Scout Bar hosted by the Revaks (Wood & Wind) and Mike Mexus (Saturate). The connection? Easy.... Egret Bay is the place to be--Be there!

OVER THE TOP - Got two of them this month, folks.... First goes to The Paul Ramirez Band. In his new role as frontman, Paul continues channelling music at transcendentally stratospheric levels *and* has added his own quality vocals, drummer Brian "Chopper" Shoppell and Bella Adle on bass. We went to check him out at Katie's for a couple songs and ended up staying the night. Get the idea? This band is party ready--Book 'em.... Also, Folks, mark your calendar for the return of Mark May at Katie's. This could very well be a packed house and we hear that Mark will be bringing along his new CD so you won't want to miss out. Our second goes to the cool folks at Dempsey's. Throughout the year, the place never ceases to amaze with their wide variety of entertainment, sporting events, and ever caring spirit. This month, Dempsey's hosted a Gumbo Cook Off Fundraiser for the Ferguson and Jaquie Svoboda Families for a packed afternoon of sun, fun, awesome food and music by David Grace and the 4 Barrel Ramblers. Dempsey's.... Good people....

TOUR STOP CLEARLAKE - So.... It's Wednesday evening and freezing outside. Inside the Scout Bar, things are warming up with Rain Child, Fallen Grey and Nine Left Dead (I dig these guy's story). There are enough lights on stage for an arena and the sound? Crystal clear all evening long... This month, it was Hinder on stage and *that* folks, is Tour Stop Clear Lake.

I-10 Christmas Bash Rock Houston Calendar Release - Individually, any one of these bands would make for a full show so can you imagine them all at the same place the same night? The Pub Affair (On my list of New Bands of the Year), Dykes On Bykes (On my Outrageous Act of the Year list), South, Born From Ruins (with a cameo appearance from Chris of the Agro Sideshow). We've covered each of these fine groups in the past in The SCENE & respectfully wish to save mention for Another Day fronted by A.D. Rowntree. Most of you listen to A.D. on the airwaves for 94.5FM The Buzz and attend his Sunday evening Texas Buzz shows at the Scout Bar. Many of you will testify that the local Texas live music has flourished with A.D's tireless support. Some of you might even suggest A.D. is amongst the awesomest forces of nature performing on stage -- If you don't, I did--So there... As for the calendar? It's space for the dates is tiny and it's impossible to scribble down the many stops we cover for the SCENE. Instead, it's loaded with the most beautiful pictures (we're partial to pictures) and each month is autographed making this perhaps our most favorite calendar ever. Cheers!

Happy New Year Folks! See you out there on The SCENE!