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Benefit For Bert Wills (Mobile Report - plus)

Jun 26, 2011 03:28PM ● By Andy Eng

Benefit For Bert Wills

There are no bands listed on the lineup, simply a signup sheet for anybody and everybody in music land who ever shared the stage or studio with Bert Wills. There's no playlist, just a steady stream of good old fashion blues....

In the crowd are nothing but lovers of the Blues, members of the Houston Blues Society, people from other countries, and local friends & neighbors.

The Katie's bar was staffed with everybody on their payroll keeping the groove juice flowing to all while the open buffet line took care of anybody and everybody however much their tummies wanted earlier in the day.

The standing room only crowd was reminiscent of the Jim Shortt benefit which makes sense as both were supremely organized by Ed (aka KPFT's Blue's Hound) & Cindy Nagle along with DJ Ron Swan (emcee at the Mean Gene Kelton Celebration). The top auction item at the event was donated by Benny Brasket. Thanks to all the supporters, musicians, Katie's staff and those who were a part making this happen.

Play on!