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Over The Top - Fab 40 Abbey Road (Mobile Report)

May 28, 2011 11:30PM ● By Andy Eng

Over The Top - Fab 40 Abbey Road

Background-- Two years ago, The SCENE covered the Fab 40, an all volunteer band with a full orchestra with members around the entire greater Houston metroplex including our beloved Bay Area, pull off an over-the-top free show -- The complete Abbey Road album to a full house at Discovery Green....

Fast Forward -- Two years later. The band has grown by at least 20 members, the full house turnout is now spilling around the entire block, and the show was followed with a loooong set "bonus encore".

A serious all age event shared with parents and children of all ages (a good thing mind you), future shows are worth looking forward to.

Says band organizer Dave Blassingame, "We want to be a little more ambitious next time!"

Cheers to all the volunteer musicians, to Discovery Greens, and to all the fans for being a part!!!


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