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Featured Bartender: Brooke From Dempsey’s Pub

May 05, 2011 07:46PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF

Brooke From Dempsey’s Pub 3612 W Main (League City) 281-557-0000

Bartending stats: 3 years experience

Favorite drink to make? Martinis!

What’s the secret of a great martini? It needs to be shaken by hand.

Celebrity look-a-like? Demi Moore (with a dash of Jennifer Aniston)

I say ROYAL WEDDING, Brooke says… Fantasy and romance. (She is a believer in true love.)

Right now, who are you listening to in the car or IPod? Katy Perry - but she loves all music. Can’t imagine life without it.

Motto to Live By: The Golden Rule

Small town or big city? The Dickinson native is emphatic on this answer – Small town!

Football? Baseball? Basketball? Dallas Cowboys!! I love football and wished the Cowboys would’ve been in the last Super Bowl.