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Cockeyed Seagull's 7th Anniversary (Mobile Report)

May 05, 2011 06:34PM ● By Andy Eng

Getting A Leg Up - It's a Thursday night and most think about making it through Friday to the weekend...

Earlier thus evening we caught one of Jim Shortt's favorite bands, Ronnie Hall and The Green Onions at Jackie's Brickhouse. We think Jim would've liked the place. After a fine set of of classic R&B....

We roosted at one of Jim's favorite hangouts, the Cockeyed Seagull. The neighborhood and out-of-state regulars gathered for the 7th Anniversary complete with nonstop music from (to name a few) Greg Wappler (fresh from his recent Hill Country Tour), the Fenton Brothers & Monte, The Edge of Texas, The Domes, Cisco and jammers.

In a neighborhood where neighborhood bars are rare and those with a great live music SCENE ever rarer, the Cockeyed Seagull checks off both...

Congrats to the staff and patrons of the Cockeyed Seagull and to another seven!