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The Mighty Orq Is…Well, Mighty…

Apr 10, 2011 08:07PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
So maybe the title isn’t exactly all that creative, but it is one of the better descriptive words I can use for one of Texas’ biggest bands.

They were at Katie’s Bar in Bacliff last month and of course it was standing room only. If you haven’t seen the trio, you may want to keep an eye out for their gig schedule and catch them before they go back to tour Europe – for the fifth time.

The Mighty Orq is a rock band in a generic sense. Their real sound is found within the nuances of their original songs… A little bluesy, sometimes melodic, a Southern tone and mostly seductive guitar riffs. The band sounds so good. I really didn’t want them to stop playing even though I did understand the need to down the obligatory free shot of liquor!

Bassist Terry Glen Dry saluted Katie’s Bar by offering thanks for the ability to smoke inside. The crowd loved it. Drummer Matt Johnson was situated at the back of the stage. He may have been a bit harder to see, but his ability to play was easy to notice. Rounding out the trio is guitarist and lead vocalist Mighty Orq. You know I had to ask Mighty Orq why he was called that. I told him inquiring minds wanted to know…

Here is what he said, “It’s partly it's because I've been called 'Orq' for almost 20 years as a grade school nickname.  Partly it's mystique to tantalize inquiring minds.” (Wink.) “The 'Mighty' came about when I played in the Tony Vega Band.  Tony started introducing me as 'The Mighty' Orq, and I thought it sounded cool.”

It does sound cool, but it’s on my bucket list to get his real name. (Yes, I am stubborn like that.)

Another unique item to note is The Mighty Orq’s band logo. The logo has a buzzard that looks like it has been around the block a few times, but came out victorious with a (bad to the) bone in its mouth. Once again, we turn to Mighty Orq and ask about the buzzard’s significance.

“We came up with the buzzard logo as homage to our Texas roots.  It's maybe a little bit ZZ Top a la the "Tejas" era and a little bit Willie Nelson a la always. He's named Don Condor.  It's a combination of the 'Don' from Don Julio Tequila and 'Condor' as a bit of irony.  He's a scruffy fella and not much of a condor.”

The Mighty Orq is a busy group. They perform over 200 shows a year. In 2003, Orq released a solo/acoustic album “Prayer Book.” And the band has released a live CD (“Ghost Train” in 2004) and two studio CD’s (“Milk Money” in 2005 and “To The Bone” in 2008.)

So, what's up for the band in 2011? Glad you asked because here is Mighty Orq’s answer: “2011 is gonna be a busy year for us.  We'll be heading back to Europe for our fifth tour there.  Last year we recorded a live album in Germany, and it will be released on the German label Peppercake Records who also released our last album. Additionally, we'll be recording a new studio album this year, and hope to have it out by late 2011 or early 2012. Matt and I have been playing together for the last eight-and-a-half years and now with Terry in the bass chair (since Fall 2010), we feel a renewed sense of excitement about being on the road and going into the studio.”

Sounds good to me! You can check out The Mighty Orq at, on Facebook, on Reverb Nation or live in concert at Katie’s in Bacliff on Saturday, April 16.