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Apr 01, 2011 02:10PM ● By Andy Eng

LOOSE NOTES: - We left you last month suggesting easing off the gas pedal, enjoying the now, and lingering longer but forgot to mention that Patio Season is upon the area. Didn't matter cos on queue, you were all out there. You folks are good!!! :-) Crazy Al's Swamp Shack has had a busy first year on the food and music scene. This month, we caught a couple of our new favorite new bands, South Coast and Moondog along with the venerable Michael Stevens Band on the nicely lit swamp shack stage--Camera's love good lights... Bakkhus scored an over the top March kicking off Krewes into Kemah with Samone & The Superstars on the patio for what we call a unique recipe of zydeco, funk & fusion as zippy and spine tingling as the recipes served up by Demetrio's great team. You might have to wait until next year to catch Samone & The Superstars but you can always score a great lunch or dinner at Bakkhus now. Readers have been following our coverage of Magazine's CD "It Ain't That Bad" and topping it all of on the serene Seagull patio with a fine sounding release party. We wish Justin and Amber well as they explore new developments on the west coast and welcome Levi Hammer on the kit. A self proclaimed John Bonham freak with a mix of funk blends well with Marty and J.D. -- It's pretty darn good!!! Thanks to the Seagull staff for the great bucket deals and to Joey for grilling up the angus beef! Back in the Lighthouse District, Zone 504 hosted the entire Andy & The Dreamsicles turnout on the patio and we're happy to report first hand that while winter might have been rough on the Oleanders, the ever hardy Dreamsicle followers are in fine form for another season that starts now... Drum roll now please... T-Bone Tom's music patio is back in mezzo forte form and so are all of you fine fanciers of the patio life. This month, we caught O.G.R.E., What Is Hip, Wood & Wind and Ezra Charles hosting the massively successful annual Krewes into Kemah post party parade. Very well done! And with that, we certify T-Bone's patio season good to go on the live music SCENE!!! Come on out to the patio and reconnect!!!

NEW DIMENSION - We're always keen on following changes to area bands that provide new avenues and why not? We all agree when it works, it's refreshing. The Bodacious Tata's scored just that when we dropped in to catch this ever fun bunch at the Cockeyed Seagull. Joining Chris, Holly & Sal was James Bastida on the kit and Sherrie Sarno-Bolen on the pipes. The plan was to stay for a set and ended up hanging all night. Get the gist? Put these guys to the top of your watch list this year, we know you'll like it... Speaking of watch lists, we're delighted with the return of Melissa & Madigan (we caught them at Jackie's Brickhouse, one of the few venues around large enough) after her winter visits to the vocal spa for a tip top stay-for-the-last-song outings. Folks, you need to stay in shape to keep up and there's no better way than shaking it up with Madigan. Maestro David's on the Ibanez never ceases to amaze and the Michael & Todd duo provide one of the best foundations going. By the way, they got one of the best local traveling light & sound teams going too... Have we mentioned? Speaking of a good thing going on the SCENE is an evening of dancing at Amadeus with Claudio on stage. A different spectrum of music? Yup... Good times with good company? Why, of course!!! Speaking of....

SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY - Was the last weekend in March at the Kemah Pan Jam. Listeners received a much welcomed measure of attitude & perspective fine tuning from Prophet Jerry Diaz and Hannah's Reef. Thank You, gentlemen! On the steel drum front, we caught The Tall & Short of It, San Jacinto College, Lone Star College, and the University of Houston's steel drum bands along with Headliners Mustafa Alexander and Freddy Harris III. Steel drum arrangements this year were very unique with the melodies taking on a broader music genres. Cheers to the U.H. Pantagonists players for getting carried away and getting the crowd's groove on! Nice job! One thing new this year was the dog show which was cool in itself but the rope barriers confused many of the peace loving patrons on where to dance this year. No worries -- We caught a bunch of little people whooping it up over at the amusements...

PSA - Patio season is the kick off for festival season and we'll be out there. Keep a copy of The SCENE Magazine handy or check out SCENELIVE.NET for a run down of the good things happening in our area. One regional event of mention is the Mean Gene Kelton Music Fest April 10th: Proceeds benefit Texas Equusearch, Harley's Angels, Houston Blues Museum and St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital in Memphis. Everybody got their copy of Gene's book, "Gigs from Hell"? Score yourself a copy on Amazon!!!

CATCHING A WAVE/TOUR STOP CLEAR LAKE - We caught up with members of the Dickinson Deadly Thrashers (DDT) surf traveling team the other night getting the run down on a possible "where are they now" article. Some adventure would be required so while pondering the logistics, we followed up Rhonda's SCENE music review catching Stryper at the Scout Bar on the opening leg of their international tour. We heard that night perhaps one of the best mixed large live shows of the year--Powerful, clear & crisp was the sound having us think back to the wall of sound days when we last heard live sound so big. Even bigger was the moment taken by all at the Scout Bar to wish Japan well--You could hear a pin drop and for the Scout Bar, it was deafening for which...

MADE IN JAPAN - is where our new 14-70mm lens came. It's a wide angle and with it, we embark this year to better catch more of you out their on the SCENE. In the mean time, we're still working on making available many of the photos from years past and with over 10,000 images online. Pretty cool, eh? You can find them at: Enjoy!!!