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Tour Stop Clear Lake - Stryper (Mobile Report)

Mar 14, 2011 11:00PM ● By Andy Eng
The continuing series of *Monday* Tour Stop Clear Lake this week brings Stryper... Catch the full interview & write up about these cats in the March SCENE Magazine where Ms. Rhonda can fill you in on the nitty and the gritty.

Tonight, we opted out of the rodeo (hard to get a good picture there anyway), put the March Madness bracket aside, and joined up with what staffers call one if the bestest of full houses and took in one sweet show at the (secretly) remodeled Scout Bar. .


"CATCHING A WAVE/TOUR STOP CLEAR LAKE - We caught up with members of the Dickinson Deadly Thrashers (DDT) surf traveling team the other night getting the run down on a possible "where are they now" article. Some adventure would be required so while pondering the logistics, we followed up Rhonda's SCENE music review catching Stryper at the Scout Bar on the opening leg of their international tour. We heard that night perhaps one of the best mixed large live shows of the year--Powerful, clear & crisp was the sound having us think back to the wall of sound days when we last heard live sound so big. Even bigger was the moment taken by all at the Scout Bar to wish Japan well--You could hear a pin drop and for the Scout Bar, it was deafening..."

reprint from The SCENE, April Edition, 2011