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Featured Bartender: Laura from Berryhill

Mar 04, 2011 03:13AM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF

Laura from Berryhill 19431 Gatebrook Dr # 3, Webster 281-332-8226

Length of time at Berryhill (Webster location)? A little over a year…

Signature drink? Yes! “Laura’s Aura” (It’s fruity with mint leaves, two types of rum and Sprite.)

When not bartending, you are… Resting!!!  I have been picking up a lot of shifts lately!

What would you take on the Space Shuttle if you could go? Photos of my loved ones.

I say Charlie Sheen, you say… Crazy!

I say The Bachelor, you say… Team Emily!

Do you like the beach? I LOVE the beach!

What would you say about bartending? Be outgoing and know your liquors – anyone can do it!

Chicken, beef or fish tacos? Fish, of course!

How come? It’s Berryhill! We are FAMOUS for them!