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For The Love Of All Things Positive: Meet EUPHILIA

Dec 04, 2010 10:36PM ● By SCENE MAGAZINE STAFF
"For us there is no plan B. this is it. This is our life, and we won't ever stop pushing. We CAN'T ever stop pushing. It's not within us to quit." - EUPHILIA

A band starts with a dream and adds tenacity. They write lyrics and add hard rocking music that brings in a crowd of supporters. They bring energy and the live performance is consistent enough to earn them repeated spots supporting national acts. Now meet EUPHILIA.

EUPHILIA is one of the Houston area’s most tenacious bands… They perform headlining shows all over Houston and are regularly seen at Scout Bar supporting national acts. The latest two were Rehab and Nonpoint.

The Scene Magazine caught up with EUPHILIA’s lead singer Jordan Applebe to get the scoop about their history, EUPHILIA’s unique name and how important the band’s supporters are to them.

According to Applebe, EUPHILIA started several years back with drummer Bryan Murillo and guitarist Jared Harvey. Kevin Diaz (guitar) and Carlos Hidalgo (bass) rounded out the line-up. They played instrumental party gigs, but wanted more. They knew the band needed a singer and posted an advertisement.

“At the same time, I was searching for a band to front,” Applebe says. “Almost as if it were serendipity, literally within five minutes of the ad being posted, I set up an audition and after coming out to sing a couple of times, the band decided to let me join. Once we had enough songs for a set list we started booking shows. In the short time we've been playing we've earned a reputation as a tenacious, relentless, hardworking, and hard-hitting band.”

I had to ask about their name. EUPHILIA is very unique word and has a cool definition. Applebe says the name means “to be attracted to good and true things…like back to mother nature and peace and all things positive”. EUPHILIA is a mixture of the Latin prefix “Eu” which means “good or right (true)”, and the suffix “phil” means “the love of”, and “ia” means a condition.

Applebe offers this sincere thought, “EUPHILIA really wants to thank our supporters. We write what we feel and pour every ounce of emotion within our soul out onto the stage. We take the vast array of influences in our lives and draw upon them to create, not even a band, but a BEING that is beyond our own understanding."

Currently, EUPHILIA just released a re-vamped version of their first demo under the new title, "...And so it is."

EUPHILIA is opening for Smile Empty Soul at The Meridian on December 4th and will be back at Scout Bar on December 11th for the Girls Gone Wild event.

EUPHILIA’s website is and they are on Facebook as EUPHILIA Houston.